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The significance of First Time Right (FTR) and why it matters

The significance of First Time Right (FTR) and why it matters

by Dr Ashvini Jakhar, Founder & CEO, Prozo

In the world of warehousing and logistics, ensuring seamless transitions is paramount. One critical aspect that can make or break these transitions is the concept of ‘First-Time Right’ (FTR). Let us look at what FTR is and why it holds immense importance, drawing insights from Prozo's experiences and our dedicated FTR team.

Understanding FTR
FTR is a concept aimed at ensuring that processes and transitions are executed flawlessly on the very first attempt. It is about getting everything right from the start, leaving no room for errors, or rework. As a company operating in the supply chain and contract logistics space, we understand the significance of FTR all too well.

The challenge in supply chain contract logistics
In the realm of supply chain and contract logistics, client onboarding is a pivotal moment. It is a time when the client's expectations are significantly high, and there is a potential for things to go wrong. Like most others, we have had our share of challenges during client onboarding in our early days. We noticed that the success of our client relationships are often hinged on how well the initial transition was handled.

The importance of FTR
The pivotal realization for us was that the key differentiator between successful and less-successful client relationships was the way transitions were managed. A smooth, error-free transition could set the stage for a long-lasting and fruitful partnership. This insight prompted us to take proactive steps to improve our transition processes.

The role of the FTR Team
In order to ensure military-grade precision during transitions, we introduced a dedicated FTR team. This team comprises experts in project management, real estate, capital expenditure management, and process excellence. Their mission is to make sure that every aspect of the transition is thoroughly planned and executed to perfection. Their key responsibilities are as follows:

  • Detailed Planning: The FTR team meticulously plans each transition, leaving no stone unturned. This involves visiting clients' existing warehouses, conducting dry runs for the transportation of goods, and even timing the loading and unloading of docks.
  • Expertise in various fields: The team's composition ensures that it has the expertise to handle diverse aspects of transitions, from managing capital expenditures to ensuring adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Training and Development: Another critical function of the FTR team is training. They ensure that all personnel involved in transitions are well-trained and fully prepared for the tasks at hand.

Benefits of FTR Implementation
Our implementation of the FTR team has yielded substantial benefits. It has streamlined our onboarding processes, reduced errors, and built stronger client relationships. By obsessively focusing on getting transitions right the first time, we were able to set a high standard for service quality in the industry.

FTR is not just a catchy acronym; it is a fundamental principle that can make a world of difference in various industries, especially when it comes to supply chain and contract logistics. Our experience with a dedicated FTR team demonstrates the transformative power of getting things right from the very beginning. As businesses continue to evolve, FTR will remain a critical component in ensuring success and customer satisfaction.


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