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SMS Group honored with ‘Most Sustainable & Innovative Manufacturing Practices’ title at World Manufacturing Congress & Awards

SMS Group honored with ‘Most Sustainable & Innovative Manufacturing Practices’ title at World Manufacturing Congress & Awards

SMS India, a subsidiary of the SMS Group, has been recognized at the prestigious World Manufacturing Congress & Awards, with the title of ‘Most Sustainable & Innovative Manufacturing Practices’. The event, which celebrates manufacturing excellence and innovation, was held on February 15, 2024, at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. This is the second consecutive award in a row conferred to SMS India by the Manufacturing Congress.

In a significant acknowledgment of its dedication to sustainable and innovative manufacturing practices, SMS India was lauded for its commitment to setting industry benchmarks. Rakesh Adlakha, Senior Vice President & Head – Supply Chain Management, Global Functional Head – Production of SMS India, accepted the award, which commends the visionary leaders and enterprises that have been pivotal in shaping the future of manufacturing. Under Adlakha’s leadership, SMS India has also been a driving force in his recognition as ‘The Top Most Leader in Manufacturing.’

As India strides towards becoming a global manufacturing hub, supported by the robust ‘Make in India’ initiative, SMS India stands at the forefront of this transformation. The manufacturing sector is projected to skyrocket, with the Indian Government targeting a manufacturing output contribution of 25 percent of the GDP by 2025. This goal aligns with SMS group's vision of efficiency and sustainability in manufacturing, particularly in the context of a carbon-neutral future.

The World Manufacturing Congress & Awards is a high-profile international assembly designed to unite manufacturers, operators, and stakeholders from a myriad of sectors, including steel, which is central to SMS group's expertise. The Congress provides an invaluable platform for discussions on the industry's most pressing issues and emerging trends such as the integration of machine learning, IoT advancements, and business transformation strategies.

SMS group is honored to receive these recognitions, which serve as a testament to its enduring commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the steel industry and manufacturing at large.


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