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MB Crusher India: Solving transportation and raw material challenges

MB Crusher India: Solving transportation and raw material challenges

An Indian government contractor solved their issues with the separation of wet and mixed raw material at site with MB Crusher and Screening Buckets


A government contractor with a long history in the construction industry was working on a Hydro Power project in a hilly area in the Northern part of India. One of the main challenges they faced was transportation, as the construction site was located on a hill station with narrow, single-way roads and 60 hair pin bends.

This made it difficult to transport construction material, heavy machinery, and equipment to the site, leading to high transportation costs for construction materials.

The customer had access to raw material on site and had special permission to crush and use it for the project. However, the material was often wet and mixed with soil, which had the potential to get stuck in the crusher. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to screen out the soil from the raw material and use a crusher that could be easily set up on the hilly terrain. MB provided all the answers.

During Excon India 2019, the customer visited MB’s stall and showed interest in a bucket crusher and a screening bucket. They explained the status of their project and their output requirements, and MB’srepresentative demonstrated how they could increase productivity and reduce losses by using a screening bucket and a bucket crusher.

To get approval from the State Board Department, the customer arranged a demonstration of the bucket crusher; which MB was happy to be a part of. The State Board was satisfied with the material quality and gave their suggestion to purchase. The customer then confirmed the deal for both the screening bucket MB-S14 and mobile jawcrusher BF60.1.

Both the screening and crusher bucket were successfully installed and have been performing well to the satisfaction of the client. The use of these buckets has allowed the customer to improve efficiency and reduce losses by effectively separating the soil from the raw material and easily crushing it directly at site.

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