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How to choose the Right pipes for commercial realty?

How to choose the Right pipes for commercial realty?

by Kairav Engineer VP- Business Development, Astral Ltd

Pipes are often the unsung heroes of a commercial building since they are typically concealed from the public eye. However, even a minor plumbing malfunction can make a perfectly well-functioning commercial building go belly up indefinitely. Therefore such structures must place a significantly greater emphasis on maintaining their plumbing systems than standard residential spaces.

Having the wrong plumbing pipes in the wrong area is a problem that can lead to several others in the future. A mismatch in terms of materials or types can accelerate the occurrence of leaks or corrosion. Another possibility is overspending on materials, which can have a significant impact on the total cost of a commercial structure.

Below are some of the major differences between residential and commercial plumbing

Frequency of usage: Commercial plumbing usage is greater than residential use on a daily basis. This is due to increased utilization by customers and employees. In a residential setting, only the inhabitants utilize the system, necessitating fewer pipe fittings and outlets.

Dimensions and resilience of the plumbing system: Due to the increased demand for commercial plumbing, large fixtures with extended durability and a high grade should be utilised. This will reduce instances of failure caused by strain and pressure. As they are not subject to as much wear and tear, low-grade pipe fixtures may be used in residential plumbing systems.

Structural differences: Commercial structures may have multiple floors, numerous sinks, and multiple toilets and urinals, whereas residential structures are typically straightforward and easy to navigate. As a result, commercial plumbers must understand a more complex building structure.

Maintenance demands: No system is perfect, and damages are unavoidable. A clogged bathroom in a commercial system could pose a problem for a large number of people and must be fixed immediately. It would be advisable to hire a professional with experience in commercial plumbing because even seemingly minor damage can cause problems throughout the entire piping system.

Likelihood of damage: Commercial plumbing systems are more susceptible to damage than residential plumbing systems, which are less complicated. Damage to residential plumbing is limited due to the smaller size of the residential plumbing system, whereas damage to a commercial plumbing system can be catastrophic, particularly if your workplace spans multiple floors.

Factors to consider while selecting the ideal pipe: The provision of safe, running water is just as important in a commercial establishment as it is in a domestic setting. The piping system is an essential component of any functioning plumbing system. Water lines, drainage lines, emergency plumbing, and major sewer lines must all be built using the correct materials.

Before deciding between PVC piping and stainless steel piping, for example, developers should consider the purpose of the plumbing, the temperature and pressure tolerance of the pipes, the corrosive character of the liquids moving through the system, the flexibility of the pipes and conditioning to UV exposure. Taking these factors into account would help to select the perfect pipe.

Given the variety of piping materials available, there is a pipe for every use, but narrowing down the alternatives could at times be challenging. It would be ideal to work alongside an experienced plumbing professional who is familiar with diverse industry environments that might dictate the choice process.

A variety of pipe materials are available to be used in commercial buildings. Depending on the application, one of the following pipe types may be utilized.

CPVC pipes: CPVC pipes (Chlorine-infused Polyvinyl Chloride) are used to make CPVC pipes. All the advantages of PVC pipes are also true of CPVC pipes. Transporting drinking water is safe with CPVC pipes since they don't rust or corrode as metal pipes do. Additionally, when exposed to hot water, they do not deteriorate. Unlike metal pipes, which make noise as the water moves, CPVC pipes have a smooth surface that ensures minimal noise. Furthermore, the well-insulated nature of CPVC pipes avoids energy loss in hot or cold applications.

Astral CPVC PRO are our premium offering, made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology, and is perfect for hot and cold water applications. It has the best impact resistance while retaining itspressure-bearing capacity / tensile strength or Vicat softening temperature. CPVC Pro has the highest number of approvals by NSF, UPC-1 and BIS

PVC pipes: PVC is one of the thermoplastics that are specified for piping system components such as valves, fittings, flanges, and many speciality products. PVC has exceptional chemical and corrosion resistance to a wide range of fluids.

Astral Pipes proudly introduces a lead-free ASTM PVC Solvent Weld Industrial Piping System under the brand name Aquarius. Astral Aquarius ASTM PVC pipes and fittings are lead-free and thus non-toxic, easy to install, and empowered for a lifetime of trouble-free service. Astral Aquariuspipes and fittings are available in two different classes SCH 40 and SCH 80 within the range of 1.5 cm (1/2”) to 30 cm (12”).

Sewerage pipes: Sewerage pipes are specifically built for non-pressure underground uses such as gravity drainage, sewage flow, and transportation of dirt and garbage discharge.They can also be used to collect and dispose of rainwater. Because sewerage pipes are lightweight, corrosion-free, and long-lasting, they are an excellent replacement for CI and DI piping systems.

AstralSilencio is recommended for structures that require noise-free sanitation, such as hospitals, hotels, and schools.Its low-noise system is an innovative product made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene. Astral Silencio's mechanical and acoustic properties are enhanced by the use of this base material. It is made with a high molecular structure, which enables the absorption of airborne sound and structure-borne sound. Therefore, the sound energy does not spread along the pipe wall.

Astral’s offerings

Commercial realty is a segment where tried-and-tested products such as Astral’s CPVC Pro, Aquarius, Silencio, Foarmcore and Drain Pro are widely used, and installed in several high-profile commercial realty projects. Pipe varieties such as PVC and CPVC are durable enough to sustain the continuous wear and tear for this segment, also they are extremely rigid in mitigating leaks and operational bottlenecks.

Astral’s revolutionary Chem PRO is a proven CPVC piping system meeting all challenging application requirements of the industrial piping system. Astral Chem PRO industrial piping system can be used upto 93°C temperature & pressure based on the pipe sizes.These pipes are crafted of unsurpassable quality and are standardized and as per international quality norms.

Making a choice depending on the requirement and budget is important. A professional piping company like Astral can help realty sectorwith the process.


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