We are seeing an exciting timeline for our operations in India - Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President, Southeast Asia & India, Bentley Systems

We are seeing an exciting timeline for our operations in India - Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President, Southeast Asia & India, Bentley Systems

On Tech Transformations
We are living in an exciting time. From an India perspective, the tech transformations are clearly related to the telecom revolution we had seen years ago. The adoption of telecommunication technology in India started slowly and, in this country, any change or transformation starts slowly and often ascends steadily. Once it gathers speed and reforms societies. We are seeing a similar kind of revolution in the design software industry. We have moved rapidly from the 2D, 3D to 4D and 5D technologies. 6D solutions are yet to set their pace in India, but most projects are largely planned, designed, and executed using design software modules. The level of acceptance and implementation of these tech solutions are also increasing among our user base.
With an increase in infrastructure projects planned at par with the global standards, the opportunities are immense for the design software industry to flourish and prosper. For instance, in the city of Mumbai many infrastructure development projects – airports, metro rails, roads and highways, expressways – are being planned and executed. Such complex and large-scale projects call for hassle-free time and cost-effective solutions. Because of our government’s thoughtful approach, infrastructure projects are considered as a vital determinant to achieve a successful economic progress. All these facets broaden the scope for design software industry.

On Opportunities from Metro Projects
The credit can be purely attributed to the willingness of the authorities to accept and use these technologies. What was commendable was the vision of the Maha Metro project in the secure hands of Dr. Brijesh Dixit, the managing director of the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation. His approach to encourage such tech solutions in the execution process really accelerated the scope of opportunities. The approach toward training, re-training, and creating a tech-based ecosystem among the users and staff that spreads the importance of using these solutions is a benefit to us. We have numerous agencies involved in rail and road and highway construction projects coming to us to subscribe to our software solutions. The user base is increasingly becoming more aware of the software that is now on the market. 

On partnering with Siemens
Bentley and Siemens have entered a strategic alliance to work on jointly funded and resourced development projects that will result in jointly offered cloud services. This partnership will advance our respective users’ strategies in going digital, and we are working with several Siemens divisions on key projects in key industries. This work will leverage new cloud services for a connected data environment to converge respective digital engineering models from both companies and further extends Siemens’ industry software ecosystem from 2D to 3D software solutions. Siemens, combined with Bentley’s head start in BIM processes, will take the performance digital twin to a new level, and we can accelerate realizing the full potential of digital cities.

Visioning the industry to evolve and expand
India has been always an attractive and interesting market for thoughtful innovations. We see a bright future for Bentley in India, and for the country’s infrastructure industry. With more projects in the pipeline, we will soon see the start of a fully digitized construction era. India has contributed to the enhancement of numerous economies across the globe. I don’t see any reason this talent can’t be put into practice for the betterment of our own country. We have a very proactive and growth-focused government. We, at Bentley, see our presence in India forging ahead on an interesting and a very exciting timeline.



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