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Vikram Solar commissions rooftop solar project at its manufacturing facility in West Bengal

Vikram Solar commissions rooftop solar project at its manufacturing facility in West Bengal

Vikram Solar has commissioned a rooftop solar project on their manufacturing facility in Falta, West Bengal. The 919.73 KWp plant consists of 2,574 solar panels ranging from 325Wp to 400Wp covering an area of 6,500 square meters. The solar plant will cater to more than 27% of the entire manufacturing unit’s electricity consumption during normal day time operation. This is a unique project since it uses 12 different types of modules from a mix of Vikram Solar’s SOMERA monocrystalline, half-cut and full-cut cell modules manufactured by Vikram Solar.

Commending the achievement, Saibaba Vutukuri, CEO, Vikram Solar, said, “We at Vikram Solar continuously lead by example through innovation, research and modernization. This rooftop project was envisioned, not only to cater to the captive energy requirements of our manufacturing unit, but also to making it a green energy unit and enabling India’s transition to a low-carbon economy. The project showcases Vikram Solar’s multiple technologies in Solar PV modules, Inverter, and Robotic cleaning systems driven by soiling sensors at a single location and will result in a total saving of about Rs. 98.8 lakhs per annum on energy. These state-of-art technologies ensure better performance and higher energy yield. We hope that self-sustaining initiatives like this will inspire others to embrace the path to reducing carbon footprint.”

The solar plant will generate an annual yield of 1,350.58 MWh. To utilize the energy generated from the PV plant, Vikram Solar has installed 14 Grid-connected string inverters from Sungrow, Huawei & Solis and 60 Micro inverters from Enphase. The project was commissioned in record-time of within a one month despite the complexity of constructing the project with different module type (half-cut and full-cut) and size.



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