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Tata Steel launches Tata Tiscon SD in South India

Tata Steel launches Tata Tiscon SD in South India

Tata Steel has launched Tata Tiscon SD (Super Ductile) rebar for the southern markets in the presence of channel partners from the five southern states -- Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala.

This rebar will replace Tiscon 500D, its current product in the southern markets.  Tata Tiscon SD is made with an improved mix of carbon, sulphur, phosphorous and other alloying elements as well as post-rolling treatment. This rebar also offers more energy-absorption capacity to the building’s structure and, therefore, a higher evacuation time in case of earthquakes and other calamities.  

The press release states that this rebars guarantee more than basic characteristic strength as per BIS 1786 and offer superior properties with respect to percentage elongation, nd UTS/YS Ratio. It is in line with international norms of ‘High Ductile’ specialty bars. The company is targeting to increase its market share by around 4-5 per cent in the five southern states.

The press release further states it promises a stronger and more flexible rebar for the construction industry and other customers


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