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Sadbhav Infrastructure receives Provisional Completion Certificate for Bhilwara-Rajsamand project

Sadbhav Infrastructure receives Provisional Completion Certificate for Bhilwara-Rajsamand project

Bhilwara-Rajsamand Tollway Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, has received Provisional Completion Certificate for 86 km. out of total 87.25 km. on 4th J une, 2016and accordingly toll collection has been started on the Project from 9th June, 2016.
With the above, out of total portfolio of 11Projects, 10 projects (including MBCPNL which is partially operational) are operational and 1project is in advanced stage of construction.

Brief description of the Project

The Project "Four Laning of Rajsamand - Bhilwara Section of NH-758 (Km. 0.000 to Km. 87.250) in the State of Rajasthan on DBFOT (Toll) basis" was awarded by National Highways Authority oflndia. 

Brief details of the Project are:

Original Concession Period is 30 Years (including Construction Period of 910 Days) Appointed date is 9th October, 2013 and original concession period shall end on 8th October, 2043

Total Project costs shall be Rs. 676.10 crs out of which  equity and sub-debt from Sponsor shall be Rs. 133.30 crs

Rupee Term Loan of Rs. 276.40 crs has been provided by the Lenders which is to be repaid upto September, 2031

Grant provided by NHAl is Rs. 266.40 crs

The Project Road starts from Kankroli ]unction at NH-8 in district Rajsamand, Connecting Gangapur block and ends at Bhilwara city on NH- 79 in the state of Rajasthan. The Project stretch passes through the districts of Bhilwara and Rajasamand  in Rajasthan.

The completed Project Length of 86.000 Km involved construction of 1ROB at Kuanwarian, 1 Major Bridge in Potlan Bypass across Chandra Bhaga River, 6.92 Km long Pur Bypass, 3.60 Km Karoi Bypass, 2.55 I<m Potlan Bypass & 2.45 l{m Kuanwarian Bypass. The Scope of Work also included the construction  of 15 No's Minor Bridges,  3 No. Vehicular  Underpasses, 8 No. Pedestrian Underpasses, 15.2 Kms (2 x 7.6 Kms) Slip Road and 2 No. Toll Plazas among other Works.


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