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Protect your abode with Nuvoco’s Zero M Water Resistant series

Protect your abode with Nuvoco’s Zero M Water Resistant series

Water damage is the primary challenge faced by any Individual Home Builders (IHB). Under-construction houses also have many specific conditions that need to be met, to ensure their longevity and successful completion, which can be disrupted by water. Water damage also weakens a building’s structural integrity, ruin its interiors, promote the formation of mould, or even create potential disasters if water comes in contact with electrical equipment.

To combat these challenges, Nuvoco has developed a range of products under its Zero M series, which are designed specifically to offer an extensive and comprehensive water resistance solution for all construction projects, especially with the onset of the monsoons. The entire range is available in 1, and 5 liters jars as well as 10 and 20 liters buckets.

Zero M Latex Expert

Zero M Latex Expert is a multipurpose repair and waterproofing compound that protects buildings from leakage, seepage, and dampness, besides reducing shrinkage and cracking. This Styrene-Butadiene co-polymer latex liquid possesses high dispersive properties, and when mixed with cement, concrete, or plaster, offers superior waterproofing, and reduces the mixing time through high dispersion of the polymer. It also creates better new to old concrete/plaster bonding, enhances the durability and strength of the building, and offers a higher bond and adhesive strength along with high abrasion resistance.


  • Single component, requiring only gauging of water
  • Substantially improves mortar or concrete qualities thereby reducing shrinkage and cracking of the mix
  • Multipurpose, economical, and easy-to-use product that enhances strength and durability of repair mortar
  • Acts as a strong bonding to concrete, masonry, stone work, plasters, asphalt, and more

Features and benefits:

  • Used as a bond coat or grout additive for general concrete structural repairing, plaster, masonry brick jointing, asbestos, natural stone, or ceramic tile fixing, and more
  • Used in protective coating/mortar for any structure exposed to marine environment, corrosive chemicals, fumes, salt attack, corrosion, carbonation or chloride penetration affected areas
  • Used for structural repairs to columns, wall, beams, foundation, high wear and abrasion resistant floor
  • Used in waterproofing/repair mortar for water tanks, swimming pools, basements, retaining walls, tunnels, roof slabs, parapets, terraces, masonry walls, balconies, bathrooms, and kitchens
  • Can be used as bond coat, rebar coat, repair mortar, render, crack repair mortar, waterproof plaster, repair plaster, and more

Zero M Acrylic Power

Zero M Acrylic Power is an UV resistant acrylic-based polymer modified compound, offering a flexible cementitious protective waterproofing slurry coating system. In addition to providing protection against water leakage, it also prevents fungus, saltpeter, and other environmental damage. Additionally, it can also be used as a bonding agent for new and old cementitious substrates, and as an additive for repair mortars.


  • Roof slab, parapets, terraces, balconies
  • Water tanks or swimming pools
  • Basements, retaining walls, and tunnels
  • Bathroom or any floor exposed to dampness
  • Repairs of general concrete structures, brick masonry, plaster repairs

Features and benefits:

  • Acts as a bonding agent when mixed with cement, forming a hard impermeable film that prevents water leakage and fume. Acts as a bonding agent for new to old cementitious substrates and as additive for repairs of new or old structures
  • Protects structures against corrosion and salt attack as it is an excellent bond to concrete and masonry plaster
  • Protects against severe fungus, saltpeter, or environmental attacks
  • UV resistant

Zero M Water Shield

Zero M Water Shield is a liquid waterproofing compound that protects buildings and structures against water damage at every level. Not only does it prevent water seepage from inside walls, but it also prevents the delamination of wall paint from the substrate and the formation of cracks. Besides that, it also solves age-old problems such as water leaking roofs, damp walls, plaster shedding and efflorescence of walls. This is an incredibly suitable and sophisticated waterproofing solution that protects construction from top to bottom.


  • Flat and Slope Roof Slabs
  • Internal and external plaster
  • Columns and beams
  • Repair and renovation
  • Water retaining structures

Features and benefits:

  • Enhances durability
  • Improves workability – reduces water demand during mixing.
  • Enhances strength of the structure
  • Prevents rusting
  • Prevents leaking and dampness
  • Protects against harmful chemicals
  • Improves workability of constructions

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