Oil India discovers hydrocarbon in KG Basin

Oil India discovers hydrocarbon in KG Basin

The Nation’s second largest National Exploration & Production Company, Oil India has made its second hydrocarbon discovery. This discovery was made in the onland KG Basin NELP VI Block: KG-ONN-2004/ at well Thanelanka-1. Thanelanka-1 is located in Andhra Pradesh. Oil India made its first hydrocarbon discovery at well Dangeru-1 in Andhra Pradesh.

Thanelanka-1 is the first High Pressure - High Temperature (HP-HT) well drilled by the company. While drilling the company faced challenges such as multiple sands in Gollapalli Formation. This formation is of late Jurassic or early Cretaceous era and on testing it produced gas @ 1300 scmd through 16/64” bean choke.  

The company also encountered Raghavapuram Formation of Intra Cretaceous era. Presently, the well is under further testing.


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