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How Envision’s software has helped Ports & Terminals to stay ahead in this unprecedented time

How Envision’s software has helped Ports & Terminals to stay ahead in this unprecedented time

The sudden onset of the pandemic has culminated new challenges on business and social spheres, newer opportunities in unexplored territories, forced many businesses to take new asylums and laid stress on the importance of having agile businesses quickly adjusting sails from windward to leeward and vice-versa. The software vendors have responded in traditional and innovative both manners, some reinvented the business model, some innovated newer low cost products with exciting capability, some sought uncharted distribution channels, some ventured into extended arms of the connected businesses, some took the impact head-on without going any extra mile and some failed to synchronize the business response with operational changes required.

We, at Envision consider our solutions as living embodiments of the all ports and terminals needs, the solution that is always attended by us to suit the changing business needs, the software which has to respond in proactive manner to the leading and lagging indicators in port and wider maritime communities. We are at the frontline with our customers and the Envision solution is the magic for their business, a COTS solution engrained with resilience and agility to quickly configure and view the port productivity parameters at multi-echelons and drill it down to visualize the business points impacted due to the pandemic, resurrect and formulate the alternative ways of doing the business. We believe that the need of the hour is not just the real time view of the port operations, but way ahead of descriptive and predictive analysis to prescriptive analytics levels to quickly recommend port operators the ways to better utilize the assets for higher yields, more effective allocation of the resources for optimized expenses, minimize dock idle times and faster turnarounds of the vessels.

In addition to agile and proactive decision making support to our customers, the connubial of our Envision solutions with ports have been helping the ports and terminals to better serve the vessels and all stakeholders one level above the normal by incubating a service culture, ports have been cashing in on with Envision solution not only as maritime gateways but also the best service providers in the logistics value chain. We see a larger picture of the supply chain right from raw materials movement to factories, pre-carriage from the factories to the marine gateways, export procedure and clearance, quayside operations, vessel-voyage for ocean transit, import procedure and clearance and on-carriage to the consignee’s premises, this holistic view of the global supply chain has given us the acumen to have the applications designed not just to contribute and make business easy only at the port but also benefit all the value chain stakeholders upstream and downstream.

Ports using our solutions these days have been able to pass on this profit to the supply chain stakeholders. It has been possible with Envision envisioning the global logistics system, no wonder we have value added solutions for extended logistics of container freight stations and inland container depots, hinterland logistics functionalities and excellent port community system at port and national level both.

Innovation has been our key driver that has enriched our solution for ports and terminals over last one and a half decade, the granular level functions and sub-functions have high level of configurability and user defined workflows, this always helped our terminal operators to use the solution as per their needs, changing organizational structures, elastic asset pools and fluctuating business demands.

In these times of COVID emergency, when ports have been reorganizing their businesses and chalking out newer strategies for boosting the terminal revenues Envision software has been deft enough to support the business. Our innovation has always been aligned with thinking ahead in times and prognosticating the future trends in the marine industry pin pointing to the woes and pain points of the ports and hence today our solutions are elastic enough to accommodate the varying port needs in these troubled times and precisely helping our customers to maximize revenues in alternative ways. Our complete portfolio of the solutions rather business suite for ports and terminals have well defined values for port operations, terminal operations, yard operations, port community systems and billing operations, all on the go making business and lives easier at the ports today.

About the Author:

The author is a Senior Merchant Navy Officer and General Manager for Ports and Logistics in Envision Enterprise, a leading solution provider for Ports and Terminals.”

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