Government approves freight village in Varanasi

Government approves freight village in Varanasi

The Ministry of Shipping has approved the development of a freight village in Varanasi adjoining the Inland Waterways Terminal on River Ganga. For this it has allocated Rs. 156 crore. The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) will develop the freight village. This village will serve as a cargo hub and a centre for aggregation and value addition and will also provide support to stimulate development of a professional logistics industry in Varanasi.

The government plans to develop the freight village over a land area of about 100 acres at a total estimated cost of Rs 120 crores. The 100 acres will be acquired in two phases - 70 acres in first phase and 30 acres in second phase. The IWAI will own the land of the freight village, but part of it will be leased to logistics companies and waterways related manufacturing and trading companies at prices to be fixed as per market conditions and on terms and conditions to be framed, to set up their own business.


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