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World BioEconomy Forum inducts Dr. Chaudhari on its advisory board

World BioEconomy Forum inducts Dr. Chaudhari on its advisory board

Europe headquartered World BioEconomy Forum, has announced the induction of Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Founder Chairman of Praj Industries in the advisory board. This is the first time India has secured such position, signalling rising prowess of its domestic bioeconomy.

World BioEconomy Forum is one of the apex forums in global bioeconomy that provides a platform to different stakeholders namely, Policy makers, Bio-based industries, Forest industry, Chemical industry, Associations, Institutes, etc. The objective of the forum is to increase awareness on sustainable social and economic development and the efficient use of natural resources through the latest innovations in circular bioeconomy. Various events and roundtables are organized around the world to bring thought leaders, innovators, and policy makers to deliberate on latest technology trends, challenges and opportunities for advancing bioeconomy.

Widely acclaimed as Ethanol Man in the industry networks, Dr. Chaudhari has been a pathfinder in many ways in the industrial biotechnology globally. Now, he joins the World BioEconomy Forum Advisory board that comprises of bio think tanks, renewed dignitaries from bio & forest industry and market regulators among others. They guide the industry in shaping the future of the evolving Bioeconomy, identifying opportunities to work together to set a wider example on how to deliver a sustainable future.

Jukka Kantola, Founder of World Bioeconomy Forum said, “It is our great pleasure to invite Founder of Praj, Dr Pramod Chaudhari as a member for the Advisory Board. He is well known and globally recognised in the field of circular bioeconomy and leadership. His visionary and steadfast work is a good reference of what the bioeconomy can add to a sustainable vision. The World BioEconomy Forum continues its journey - this year our major event is in Belém, Brazil and we are looking forward to bring the Forum in India one day.”

Speaking about this development, Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Executive Chairman-Praj Industries said, “I am pleased to join the advisory board of the World BioEconomy Forum. It is a respected body and is working toward unleashing the immense potential bioeconomy has to offer. I look forward to engage with other members of the board and share my experience and knowledge in this endeavour.” In his three year tenure, Dr. Chaudhari will provide leadership to advance the causes of bioeconomy in Asia Pacific continent, helping step up climate change mitigation endeavours. The next World BioEconomy Forum will be held 18-20 October 2021 in partnership with the state of Pará, and major bioeconomy associations in Brazil, ABAG and Ibá.


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