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We have launched Telehandler cum Pick N Carry Crane

We have launched Telehandler cum Pick N Carry Crane, says Manish Mathur, CEO – Cranes, Action Construction Equipment (ACE)

Please share with us the latest Telehandler launched by ACE for the India market? 
ACE has launched NXTNextgen Multi Activity Crane, which is a Telehandler cum Pick N Carry Crane of 15 tons capacity.  The Telehandler fork attachment has a capacity of 3 Tons upto the maximum height of 12.3 mtrs unlike the traditional Telehandlers, wherein the maximum capacity is limited only to very small working radius and very limited heights. This increased capacity and height adds to the versatility of NXT model and makes it suitable for a lot of load applications, where the traditional Telehandlers are not able to work.  The hydraulically operated compensated forks are designed to ensure that the load always remains parallel to the ground during the boom luffing/extension operations.  The Telehandler fork fitment can be attached or detached on the crane within 5 minutes.

Which sector will contribute the maximum to the growth of Telehandlers in India in the next three years? Why?
Telehandlers are pre-dominantly applied in industries such as infrastructure, construction, oil & gas, agriculture, mining, etc, for material handling. The activities in construction majorly constitute movement of palletised or loose materials across the job site or to heights, roofing, renovation, cladding etc. The other specialized applications can be found in airports, tyre, tunneling, container stuffing and de-stuffing, waste management etc. In mining, Telehandlers are used for handling tyres of large dump trucks, large cylinders, and cable reels.
Major contributor amongst these will be infrastructural projects as many private EPC contractors are now shifting towards safer & productive equipment like Telehandlers & there is major push in Infra activities giving momentum to sales of the equipment.

Covid-19 has battered almost all the industries. How has been the sale of Telehandlers during the Pandemic?
Covid-19 has been an unprecedented event and we don’t think that ever in our life times we would again be facing disruptions of this level. The entire country was put under lockdown leading to disruptions in earnings, production, supply chains and jobs all across the country.  Restarting post lockdown was a challenge in itself keeping in mind all the necessary safety precautions and putting back the Supply Chain in order. Despite that ACE was in a position to start operations by the end of lockdown 1 with much of its production setup and team in place. As always, we have taken the challenge in our stride. The sale of CE was back on track during the second half of 2020 & market saw an upward graph in YoY growth. Now, in 2021 we see the market going at the expected pace towards a brighter year ahead.

The ongoing economic recession has dented the purchasing power. What are the financial and rental schemes you offer? Please share with us your tie-ups with financial institutions for the same?
We have tie ups with almost all the financiers in the market. Our product is financed by all the finance companies at a very reasonable rate. Also we have MoU’s with major players that help customers to get finance done at very lucrative rates.

Covid-19 protocol such as ‘minimum contact with surface’ has further expedited integration of technology – automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving. Please share with us the R&D efforts in this regard?
R&D has been one of the key elements in our success story and our in-house R&D Centre is duly approved by Government of India.  Over the years speedy commercialisation of world class designs and technologies in our company, have been instrumental in making us the largest Crane Company in India. All of our products are designed in-house keeping Indian operational and market conditions in mind. The very USP of our product comes from the fact that with appropriate design we are able, also, to control the costs to cater to benefit our customers.
Our R&D Centre has played a very significant role in the growth of our organisation over the last decade. The Covid months have given us an opportunity to focus, for the time being, on the Research and Development activities which involve Design & Development of new products, upgradation of existing products and VA/VE activities wherever possible.
Also, the company provides option of Telematics which in turn digitises the equipment. It helps the owners of the machinery to remotely monitor & supervise the various functional parameters of the machine & remain updated of its health & maintaining the same to optimum level for better performance.

To manoeuver Telehandlers requires a definite set of skills. What are skill nurturing trainings you conduct for operators?
We conduct operator training on a regular basis at our dedicated training centre in Faridabad. Regular periodic training courses have been conducted to enhance operator and engineer skill levels. Also we offer 15 days free training to every new customer. We cover all the aspects related to the operations & safety of the machine.

What are the after sales services you offer?
ACE equipment is used throughout the country and to cater to this wide spread and to provide effective pre-sales and after sales service, the company has developed a network of Dealers and Area Offices operating out of 100 Locations and supported by 15 Area / Regional Offices. These Area / Regional Offices are in turn supported by the Marketing HQ and a dedicated Product Support Division based at Faridabad. We are present at the most of the strategic locations with the dealers having spares stocked as per the population of machines , so as to cater the remotest site within 24 hours of complaint registration. We also have a facility of Toll Free help line for our customers, so as to give them the best support at the earliest.


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