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We consistently align our focus with the country's infrastructure development, says Vishwesh Rai, General Manager, Fayat Road Equipment- Sales India

We consistently align our focus with the country's infrastructure development, says Vishwesh Rai, General Manager, Fayat Road Equipment- Sales India

What is your focus in Excon?
Our focus for Excon 2023 at Fayat Group remains centered on showcasing our core strength: the synergy among our six brands, prominently highlighted in this edition. We're particularly excited about two standout brands, PTC and Secmair, renowned for their technological prowess. These advanced machines and products have gained substantial traction in mature markets like India, an opportunity we're keen to seize by amplifying their presence where previously unavailable. These facets stand as our primary focus areas for Excon. Furthermore, our noteworthy presence in the realm of light compaction division equipment, notably the Redline by Dynapac, adds a unique dimension to Excon 2023.

What are the products you have showcased?
We're thrilled to showcase our extensive range of top-tier brands, starting with Redline by Dynapac, featuring a comprehensive lineup of walk-behind rollers, cutters, and concrete equipment. Our recent addition, Cepia by Secmair, serves as an essential maintenance product, ideal for smaller cycle patching and track paving machines. The introduction of Dulevo road sweepers caters excellently to the Indian market's road construction needs. Our Dynapac product range spans from the esteemed SD2500 CS paver, recognized with the prestigious Yellow Dot Award for its screed unique design and user-friendliness, to the 10-ton ROPS CA245 soil compactor, CC425 tandem roller, and CC125 Baby roller. Additionally, while we may not have a physical display of PTC equipment, we're offering in-depth insights into the versatility of PTC vibro hammers at our stall. Lastly, our Marini exhibit features the vital CBS burner, the heart of any asphalt plant, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in asphalt plant technology. This comprehensive array is what our stall proudly presents.

How are your products different from your competitors?
When it comes to technology, the products I previously mentioned—all Redline, Secmair, Dulevo, Dynapac, PTC and Marini—are at the forefront of technological advancement. We take pride in being a step ahead in both technological innovation and user-friendly operations, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. Fayat Group's overarching theme revolves around the "road to sustainability," where our primary concern lies in environmental impact reduction, particularly targeting low carbon emissions. To sum it up, our core focus for all products within the Fayat Group now centers on technology integration, ease of operation, and minimizing maintenance costs.

You said about features in your machines, India is a cost centric market and how are you balancing between cost and quality?
In terms of both cost-effectiveness and quality, our skilled workforce in India stands out. I'm confident about the quality of our products; in fact, Dynapac exports to numerous countries, including the US, showcasing the exceptional standards we maintain. Our commitment to global benchmarks ensures a world-class quality produced here in India. Our workforce is globally trained, equipped with both technology and expertise, minimizing any technical challenges. Regarding costs, our approach involves localization to reduce reliance on imported components, aligning with the Make in India initiative championed by our esteemed Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. While we might not offer the cheapest prices, we strike a balance, providing products that are economically competitive within a certain class while maintaining optimum quality. This encapsulates how I would address this matter.

How do you manage the production scalability to meet rising demands?
We have a fully operational lead manufacturing setup in our factory, and our production planning aligns closely with market forecasts. Implementing the Six Sigma approach across our production units within all Fayat Group factories in India is a key practice. Our emphasis lies heavily on maintaining high-quality standards while also addressing the demand and supply gaps across all factories in the country.

What are your company’s strategic priorities for growth for next year?
In the upcoming year, I strongly believe that growth hinges significantly on customer satisfaction. Our primary focus lies in ensuring customer contentment through the delivery of top-quality products and impeccable after-market services. Our industry predominantly revolves around the aftermarket and service sectors. Despite offering superior products, their value diminishes without adequate service provision. The remarkable growth experienced by Dynapac over the last 5-6 years has been primarily attributed to our commitment to quality products and the proactive initiatives in after-market services. Moving forward, my emphasis remains on cultivating a customer-centric approach, bolstered by exceptional after-market support.



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