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Volvo Trucks and Delhivery are ‘Driving Progress’ with a unique solution of Tractor-Trailer combination

Volvo Trucks and Delhivery are ‘Driving Progress’ with a unique solution of Tractor-Trailer combination

In line with the Governments ambition of reducing the logistics cost of the country Volvo will work towards better solutions that will render faster turn-around time, higher uptime of the trucks, safer and comfortable trucks that will enable the driver deliver increased productivity.

Volvo is launching trucks that run on the roads of Europe which are considered to be some of the most efficient logistic systems in the world, customising them for Indian conditions.

These custom built solutions will enhance the efficiency of the Express cargo movement through trailers of higher capacities of around 93 cum, maintaining an average running of over 20 hours a day and 3,00,000 km in a year. These Tractor Trailers will revolutionise the industry by delivering efficiency and productivity which is more than double compared to the current range of Tractors in the India. The logistics industry needs trucks that will set benchmarks in vehicle uptime, reliability, load carrying capacity and running km per year, to meet the demands of the e-commerce business. With the changing ground realities, the logistics industry is gearing up for new opportunities, which will revolutionize the long haul transport industry.

Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd said “Turn-around and efficiency is the focus in these trucks. When you have a high performance, highly reliable and driver-friendly truck, it brings out the best man machine performance. The Volvo FM 4x2 solution has a comfortable cabin along with a superior clutch free driveline, that enables effortlessly driving for about 20 hours with a set of drivers. Telematics ensures that exhaustive data is captured, analysed and correction happens through out the trucks journey. The reduced delivery time helps customers to fulfil their business goal of delivery to their customers in the shortest possible time, substantially reducing order cancellations. Thanks to the clarifications from MORTH we can use Interchangeablity on Trailers which can further accelerate higher productivity. We are building a vital link in the logistic chain. We have seen productivity improving by up to 20%. ”

He further added “We would also like to compliment MORTH for the recent GSR on RoadTrains which will be a game changer for India. Volvo Trucks are pioneers in road trains and have a vast global experience and we hope to improve the logistic efficiency of the country while maintaining safe standards.”

Sahil Barua, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Delhivery said ”I’m proud to announce that as we emerge from this pandemic stronger, we are building some of India’s largest trucking terminals at key locations in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, while expanding and upgrading our own fleet and bringing in more partner fleets. Our partnership with Volvo and the first deployment of Tractor-Trailers in Express Trucking is a significant step towards "Getting Future Ready"

Per-Erik Lindstrom, Senior Vice President - Volvo Trucks International said ”India has caught up with the global standards of transport efficiency and the time is now. Countries like China and a few other south-east Asian countries, which were similar to India, few years ago, changed from rigid trucks to high performance and higher capacity tractor trailer concept. We at Volvo Trucks will continue to lead innovations in products and services thereby raising the bar further.”

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