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Volvo CE India takes a big leap forward with adoption of Bio-diesel blends to power its range of construction equipments

Volvo CE India takes a big leap forward with adoption of Bio-diesel blends to power its range of construction equipments

Volvo CE India has announced an eco-friendly solution to power India’s infrastructure development and simultaneously combat climate change. Effective immediately, customers across the country will have access to select Biodiesel blends to run their Volvo machines.

A transition to clean energy is currently underway in India alongside manifold growth in infrastructure and transport. The country has embarked on a new trajectory of economic growth without carbonizing the environment. Significant steps are being taken at every level of infrastructure development to reduce carbon emissions. Deployment of cleaner fuels, especially Liquid Biodiesel for construction equipments, is a one such step.

Biodiesel involves conversion of biomass from a range of vegetable oils or animal fat to fuel. It can be blended with petroleum diesel for use in diesel engines. Unblended Biodiesel is referred to as B100, meaning it is 100% Biodiesel. In India, Biodiesel is manufactured from various feed stocks including soyabean oil, used cooking oil, animal tallow and plant seeds.

Speaking about this development, Dimitrov Krishnan, Managing Director, Volvo CE India & President – Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (ICEMA) said, “Biodiesel has emerged as one of the most viable transition fuels for existing engine technology and diesel infrastructure. With construction equipment industry alone consuming almost 4 billion litres of diesel annually, adoption of biodiesel blends for running construction machinery is a huge positive, not only for the well-being of everyone involved in the business, but also for the overall environment.”

“The core mission of Volvo Group is to build the world we want to live in. Every company in the Group continually strives to innovate and put systems in place to support the transition from brown (carbon-intensive) to green (carbon-neutral). Volvo CE India has taken a landmark step in this direction, with the adoption of Biodiesel blends for its range of construction equipments,” he added.

To start with, Volvo CE India is recommending specific Biodiesel blends for usage in the following equipments:

  • B20 for Excavators (+ 35-ton operating weight range)
  • B20 for Wheel Loaders (+ 7-ton payload)
  • B10 for Excavators (sub-35-ton operating weight range)
  • B7 for Wheel Loaders (sub-7-ton operating weight range)
  • B7 for Compactors and Asphalt Pavers

Volvo CE India will be partnering with interested customers every step of the way to ensure smooth transition to Biodiesel blends for their equipments. Concerted efforts are underway to engage with Biodiesel manufacturers to secure regular supplies and logistics at site.

Volvo CE is a leading manufacturer of premium construction equipment having significant presence in 180 markets worldwide. Across continents, Volvo CE machines are distinguished by their exceptional safety, quality and reliability and fuel efficiency – hallmarks of the Volvo brand.


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