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Vetrotech Saint-Gobain launches VDS® fire-resistant sliding door

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain launches VDS® fire-resistant sliding door

When it comes to fire safety, shopping malls and commercial office spaces have one thing in common - the use of fire-resistant sliding doors. The new VDS® fire-resistant sliding door from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain offers both uncompromised fire-safety and maximum hygiene.  Vetrotech is the business unit of Saint-Gobain that specializes in fire-safety & high-security glass solutions used in buildings.

According to the ASDI report, 11,037 fire accidents occurred in 2019, and as per the NCRB report, 12,748 accidents were caused due to building fires in 2020. There is thus, a need for superior quality and durable fire-safety solutions that have been tested and certified as per stringent testing standards. Most importantly, these solutions need to offer maximum hygiene and touch-free operation when used in buildings subject to heavy traffic flow.

These Sliding Doors are tested and certified for fire-resistance as per international standards. The system cuts down radiant heat transfer for 120 minutes (EW 120) and can provide thermal insulation for up to 30 minutes (EI 30).

Through its contact-less operation, VDS® Fire-rated Sliding Doors ensure maximum hygiene and safety from the threats of disease-causing pathogens. They are powered by durable automatic sliding hardware which eliminates the need to touch the door, thereby preventing the spread of contagious diseases.

“At Vetrotech, we develop an extensive range of glazing solutions to cater to the latest trends and specific needs of every project’s architectural vision. With this new development of a sliding door, fire-rated glazed solutions are more minimalistic, seamless and safer than before,” said S N Eisenhower, Managing Director, Glass Solutions, Saint-Gobain India.

The minimalistic appearance of VDS® Fire-rated Sliding Doors has a modern, aesthetic look and increases transparency. The unmatched aesthetics allows more light with no compromise on fire-safety & security.

Areas of application:

  • High-traffic High-density areas in Metro stations, Airports, Trains
  • Main entrance and lift lobbies in Commercial centres, Offices, and Malls
  • Wide entrance accessibility doors in Hospitals, Data centres

Remarkable Benefits:

  • Security + Uncompromised fire-safety
  • Contactless access + Maximum hygiene

Unique Features:


  • Swiss precision – Fire-resistant technology from Switzerland; Made using cold-rolled frames from Switzerland
  • Tested and certified in international test labs as per stringent fire-testing standard
  • Made in a state-of-the production facility in India. Made in India, for the world.
  • Available in wide range of colours


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