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The government is focused on enhancing the roads & highways sector, says Sandeep Mathur, Brand Leader, CASE New Holland Construction Equipment

The government is focused on enhancing the roads & highways sector, says Sandeep Mathur, Brand Leader, CASE New Holland Construction Equipment

How feasible is the advanced use of technology in the Roads & Highways sector? 
The roads & highways sector is transforming with innovative technology and adapting to smart ways for long life and efficient results. It is convenient to adapt to automated techniques that will reduce time and give more information to make informed decisions. For instance, smart technology is being developed that will be GPS enabled and the sensors can detect accidents and notify in case of emergency. As roadways are constantly in flux through continuous repairs and maintenance, smart technologies have been fundamental in making the process safe and delivering safer and driver-friendly roads.

What are the possible roadblocks in implementing these technological advancements, seeing the present stage of the sector?
Implementing new technology for the construction of roads & highways is very crucial today. As technological upgrades are a consistent part of the construction equipment sector, there are certain challenges in terms of adequate training and education. Advancements in new technology like AI, automation add to the cost of setting up machines. Also, setting up sophisticated systems in the manufacturing plants and the security of those machines has its own hurdles. Besides, the abundance of labor available in the country, in a way hinders the adoption of technological advancements. Large-scale projects today require automation for efficiency and excellent productivity. Currently, the sector is thriving with various new projects across the nation and the government is committed to making India a strong market by providing support to the players in the industry. Hopefully, with the support and dedication of the government and the companies, the sector will tackle the roadblocks in the future. For the benefit of the operators and customers, we host training programs to keep them updated about the new equipment with upgrades and the latest technologies.We also post videos on platforms like YouTube to offer guidance to the operators who want to take full advantage of their CASE equipment.

What is that one technology that you would like to see being implemented in the sector?
Digitalization and adapting to automation will be a top priority for the sector. Companies are evolving and accepting digitalization as a way forward for driving better results. A few dynamic technological trends including IoT, AI, and automation are being used to develop world-class construction equipment. User-friendly and safer equipment are in demand and this is possible by incorporating advanced technology. Therefore, we hope to see AI-based equipment in the construction sector that will benefit both the suppliers and end-users. We also believe in constantly implementing new technology in all our products. For the ease of the customers, our products are built carefully with an aim to boost productivity and efficiency. For instance, the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System in the CX 220C Excavator offers higher breakout forces, improved swing speeds, and greater swing torque, resulting in faster cycle times and a 5% increase in productivity. Additionally, the Hydraulic system and quality of engines in our machine also help in achieving greater efficiency.

Given the rising focus of implementing technology, how do you see the future outlay of the Road & Highways sector in the country?
The government is focused on enhancing the roads & highways sector. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has taken a digital approach to increase operations in construction works. As the sector is reviving, new project announcements across the nation and heavy budget allocations of Rs 111 talk crore under the National Infrastructure Pipeline for the FY 2019-25 will boost the capital expenditure of the roads sector to 18%.The Government’s recent Gati Shakti Plan to develop infrastructure in order to reduce logistics costs and boost the economy is a wonderful initiative. This brings immense positivity and support by the government to plan better and execute the large-scale plans smoothly with minimum interference. Incorporating advanced technology is transforming the sector and increasing the levels of quality, efficiency, and safety. While there may be conflicts and setbacks in adapting to new technology, adequate training, awareness, and convenience will result in full acceptance by the industry.


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