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RMZ One Paramount awarded the LEED Platinum Rating by the US Green Building Council

RMZ One Paramount awarded the LEED Platinum Rating by the US Green Building Council

RMZ One Paramount in Chennai has received the coveted LEED PLATINUM STATUS from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) the highest level of LEED certification. This prestigious recognition underscores the company's unwavering commitment to upholding sustainable principles in constructing workspaces that are designed for the future. RMZ One Paramount in Chennai had previously achieved pre-certification of LEED GOLD by USGBC, and this latest accomplishment further reinforces the project's exceptional eco-friendly standards.

 RMZ One Paramount, is a towering masterpiece spanning a staggering 2.4 million square feet, catering to over 18,000 community members. Strategically located in Chennai, this architectural marvel is the perfect destination for the burgeoning IT & ITES industry from across the globe. The building's unique design seamlessly incorporates sustainable practices at every stage of construction to thereby reduce its overall environmental footprint.

What sets RMZ One Paramount apart is its innovative central core design, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding neighbourhood from every direction. The heart of the development is a stunning stepped "urban forest", a lush green space covering almost an acre. This verdant oasis helps moderate the microclimate, creating the perfect conditions for work-life. The double-height Plaza, flanked by restaurants & cafes encourages social interaction and channels a cool breeze into the building, maintaining a cooler microclimate within. The vibrant social experiences planned at the Plaza and the terrace make up the soul of the development, creating a unique positioning for the office floors on each side.

At RMZ One Paramount, members are treated to holistic experiences from the moment they arrive on the campus to the time they depart. Whether it's a quick cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast, an elaborate meal, an intense workout, or a jog along the lush green landscape, every need is catered to.

K Jayakumar, Senior Managing Director – Executive Board, RMZ, in speaking about the development said, “We are honoured and proud of the fact that RMZ One Paramount has been awarded the LEED Platinum rating. This strongly validates our commitment to ESG principles and highlights our dedication to sustainability practices. We believe it is critical to foster environments that protect and promote the health and wellbeing of communities, thereby lending a hand to drive overall productivity.”

RMZ One Paramount boasts remarkable features that distinctly set it apart from other integrated work-life environments. Its plush central landscape, aptly named The Green Plaza, and the myriad lifestyle experiences it offers, creates a welcoming and serene atmosphere that is unmatched. Moreover, this project offers unique resilient design features to safeguard against various calamities, including floods, cyclones, and water shortages.

The building’s design is also noteworthy, with two towers encircling a central courtyard adorned with water bodies and abundant vegetation. The clever use of natural light ensures that all office spaces are bathed in refreshing and uninterrupted sunlight throughout the day. In addition, the art installations along with the stunning landscape,contribute to the visual appeal that RMZ One Paramount strives to offer its occupants. The exceptional features and design at deems it a prime destination for those who desire an unparalleled experience.

The campus is easily accessible via public transportation and pedestrian walkways, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly commuting. Moreover, the design engineering incorporated in the building reduces energy consumption by a noteworthy 26%, and renewable energy adoption will help to generate an impressive 4.56 lakh units per annum. The campus prioritizes sustainability by recycling 100% of the wastewater, significantly reducing potable waterusage by over 50%.

Thirumal Govindraj, Senior Managing Director – Executive Board, RMZ stated, “Sustainable office developments that have been awarded international benchmarking certifications such as the USGBC LEED for new projects, the WELL Health—Safety Rating, the LEED ARC., are the preferred choice of Global occupiers today. At RMZ, we focus on the sustainability and holistic wellness of our members.”

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) provides autonomous supervision of professional accreditation and project certification through the ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ (LEED) rating system for green buildings. This system is globally recognized as a hallmark of exceptional sustainability and leadership in green building practices. LEED recognizes projects that effectively mitigate carbon emissions, minimize operational expenses, preserve natural resources, and prioritize sustainable practices, resulting in a healthier and more productive built environment.

A report on green buildings by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) sheds some light on why green buildings are becoming increasingly popular in today’s day and age, “Going green has its advantages. There is a 13% average rental premium in green-certified IT buildings and a 36% average premium in non-IT buildings.” The JLL report predicts a significant increase in green-certified buildings over the next decade, with green buildings crossing the 50% mark overall.

Global real estate consultant giant Colliers, in their Green Building Certification Report 2022 said, “In 2021, both the number of new green buildings and the “greening” of existing buildings continued to grow dynamically. In particular, the industrial property market isexperiencing a real boom, not only for new developments but also for green logistics and manufacturing sites.”

The Colliers report also refers to the increasing trend of real estate developers incorporating ESG norms into their overall developmental framework in 2021, and highlights the unprecedented shift in focus to sustainability among the key players in real asset development.



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