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Realtors upping the ante to beat the heatwaves this summer

Realtors upping the ante to beat the heatwaves this summer

Sustainably built residences have become the flavor of all seasons, with end-users uninhibitedly choosing them because they possess greenery, water landscapes, and eco-friendly structures. Homes without sustainable designs and pro-green features are unfathomable in the modern world. These are unanimous essentials for home buyers searching for their dream homes. Residential property buyers, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, are becoming vocal about their requirements and choosing residences that exhibit eco-friendly attributes, greenery, nature-inspired aesthetics, earthy structures, and green technologies. Taking stock of the current situation of blistering heatwaves and mercurial climate changes which are causing several health issues such as severe dehydration and exacerbating cardiovascular diseases, asthma, etc, property buyers are desirous of homes that provide protection against heatwaves. 

To combat recurrent heatwaves and scorching summers, realtors are employing assertive measures and using sophisticated technologies to improve building efficiency and provide a recalibrated living environment for real estate end-users. While the usage of solar panels for energy conservation leading to significant reductions in power bills has become a norm in the sector as of late, there is also a great push given to biophilic designs, sustainable construction material alternatives, and new-age upgradations to beat the heat and offer a soothing indoor environment for property buyers.

Biophilic designs- The ultimate solution

Biophilic Designs are witnessing widespread usage. It allows property users to uplift the scope of their interactions with natural resources through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions, as experts believe. Biophilic design, which integrates natural elements into living spaces, significantly enhances the well-being of residential property end-users. By incorporating features like natural light, indoor plants, water elements, and natural materials, these eco-conscious themes create a serene and pleasant living environment that fosters physical and mental health.

Direct access to natural light and air to balconies and rooms is the apex demand of home buyers. Exposure to natural light and greenery within the home can improve mood, reduce stress, and enhance overall mental health. Natural light regulates circadian rhythms, promoting better sleep patterns, while greenery can purify indoor air, removing toxins and improving air quality. These elements contribute to a healthier living environment, which is particularly beneficial in urban settings where access to nature may be limited.

The ecological connection also transforms the outlook of the homes. It also enhances the aesthetic appeal of residential properties, creating visually pleasing and inviting spaces that exude a sense of calm and connection to the natural world. This can increase occupant satisfaction and comfort, making homes more enjoyable to live in. They promote better health, wellness, and environmental sustainability, creating a harmonious and enriching living experience for end-users.

Using heat-reflective window film and thermal curtains to create an energy-efficient space

Realtors are also using heat-reflective window films which have metal coating reflecting 99% of the sunrays. It facilitates a cooler indoor environment and also reduces energy profligacy by decreasing the need for prodigal usage of air-conditioners.

Similarly, thermal curtains, popularly known as blackout curtains, are also being used to protect homes from UV rays and regulate the heat levels in a space, allowing less heat to pass away from the windows. It keeps the room cool during summers and warm during winters. Thermal curtains also cancel out noise pollution, contributing in a peaceful atmosphere at homes.

Green roofs to reduce heat absorption

Green roofs are an integral part of climate-proof construction. Installation of green roofs leads to air purification and has a 30-40% cooling effect on roof surfaces. It is a great heat absorber and reduces the heat transfer from roof to home by up to 72%. Green roofs act as buffers for rainwater and also significantly reduce the intensity of stormwater runoff rate. They also help enrich biodiversity and create a pleasant ecosystem.

Light-coloured house paint

Light-colored house paint betokens tranquility and evokes an imperturbable environment at homes.  It accents the home’s natural lighting and desists from using artificial lighting, thereby lowering energy consumption rates by huge margins. Henceforth, realtors are using light-coloured home paints to attract property buyers.

Realtors calling shots and breaking ground for sustainability in realty sector

In a move towards diversification of sustainability in real estate projects, many realtors are calling the shots and using different methods to make cogent changes in the construction sector. Gurugram-based developer Ganga Realty institutes biophilic designs in its projects, most famously, in its ongoing project, Nandaka 84. The company strives to create a wholesome living with a nature-rich ecosystem by developing green landscapes such as Miyawaki Garden, Herb Garden, Birds’ Zone (Sanctuary), Meditation Zone, Jogging Track, Pottery Barn, Fragrance Garden, and Panchtatva Pathway.

In a profound step towards sustainability, the company has also installed EV charging station in its latest project to lower environmental pollution, provide greater comfort and convenience, and ensure lower energy costs.

Neeraj K Mishra, Executive Director, Ganga Realty, commented, “Embracing biophilic designs is one of the key strengths of our latest uber-luxury project, Nandaka 84. It is a stepping stone in ensuring sustainability in our creations, facilitating a pleasant and salubrious living environment, and maintaining mental and physical wellness for our customers. Through our concerted efforts, we have introduced green landscapes, tangible nature-inspired objects, and structures to emit positive energies and make our customers feel close to nature and its bounties. Ganga Realty has always stood for purity in our projects and we will continue to do so in our upcoming endeavors as well.”

Sustainability is the major thrust of contemporary-day construction programs. Innovation comes second. Sustainability has been understood and adopted across different scales and measures through innovative designs, practices, and technologies. The current predicament of heatwaves has also fostered several technologies to make inroads in the architecture of modern homes and make a permanent place there.

The drastic climatic changes the world is witnessing has reinvigorated a sense of moral responsibility among home buyers to select homes that are sustainable built. Sustainable homes embody environmentally friendly traits and sophisticated technologies that transform the lives of home buyers by simplifying and acclimatizing them to the modern home living experiences.


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