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Our pursuit is to innovate and keep on working towards saving mother earth, says Abinash Mishra, National Head- Sales & Marketing & Dy Executive Director, New Building Solutions, Dalmia Cement

Our pursuit is to innovate and keep on working towards saving mother earth, says Abinash Mishra, National Head- Sales & Marketing & Dy Executive Director, New Building Solutions, Dalmia Cement

Please share with us a brief about the New Building Solutions Business of Dalmia Cement?
Founded in 1935 by Jaidayal Dalmia and headquartered in New Delhi, Dalmia Group straddles the cement, power, sugar and refractory sectors. The cement division was established in 1939 and is built on the legacy of expertise and excellence. Dalmia Bharat Group have internalized innovation for over 70 years in processes and systems; and our businesses and mindsets. Creating synergy of this innovation spirit and Dalmia Strategy to be leader in building materials, ‘New Building Solutions’ with identity of ‘Dalmia Bharat INNOBUILD’ was created in 2017. The vision is offering innovative construction solutions of global standards ingeniously made with customer centricity and help nation building.

Which are the innovative products that you have launched in the last two years? How are these products benefitting the end customers?
In the initial years of business, New building solutions has launched six products which not only benefits customers and applicators/painters in particular but environment and society too in general. Many of these products are No Sand No Gypsum and hence adding to green quotient to mother earth.
Dalmia Magic Premium Skim Coat: Technologically superior alternative to wall Putty that gives True Tone of paint shade even without primer. A natural colour globally recognized product made of “Active Cement Particles”. Its formulation gives more life to Paint with 70% more Tensile Adhesion and also offers you superb savings of Rs.3 per sq.ft.
Dalmia Infragreen: Infrastructure development is indispensable for a rapidly growing country like India. As the relentless surge of population needs to be matched with rapid development of urban infrastructure. With seven decades of experience and understanding the dynamics of Indian construction market, Dalmia innovated a proprietary solution for Infrastructure segment - High Performance cement known as Dalmia Infra Green confirmed to the BIS (BIS Certification Marks License No. CM/L - 1206530) standard.  It is chemically modified cement with enhanced performance. The cement perfectly meets the requirements of infrastructure development and delivers large constructions with fast and improved productivity. This product usually needs no other performance enhancers except water in lesser quantity while applying in the concrete.
Dalmia Magic INNOBOND is a versatile thin set block jointing mortar for thin bed applications. It is to be used as grey cement based non-shrink and self-curing mortar. This mortar is specially designed to provide stronger, much more durable bonding between the blocks with optimum adhesive strength.
Dalmia Magic INNOFIX is a versatile adhesive material for very thin bed applications. It is polymer modified cement based high performance, high strength, and high quality tile adhesive. It is to be used as grey cement based non-shrink and self-curing tile adhesive for wall and floor. This adhesive is specially designed to provide stronger, much more durable bonding between the tiles with optimum adhesive strength.
Dalmia Magic Premium Skim Coat CEILINGFAST is a high quality fibre polymer modified cement based plaster with unique natural tone, super smooth surface finish and thickness building solution which is a unique formulation for ceiling surfaces of RCC and precast concrete. It replaces the conventional method of plastering works in a clean and speedy manner that requires only water to be added on site before application with self-curing property. It Replaces Plaster and Putty; Paint Ready Ceiling in 2 days; Unique Formulation for Ceiling – the inverted surface.
Dalmia Magic FIBROTHICK is a versatile cement based micto-texture with natural fiber surface finish solution and thickness builder that is suitable for AAC block and RCC surfaces. It can be applied both internally and externally on both vertical wall surfaces and horizontal ceiling surfaces. It replaces the conventional method of plastering and requires only water to be added on site before application. It Replaces Plaster and Putty; No Curing Required – Saves 14 days of curing time; Saves Water and Sand – Saves environment. It is 75% lighter than traditional cement sand plaster.

India being a price sensitive nation; how is the response to these products from the customers
Yes we do understand that. Churning out Innovative offerings involves lot of cost. And New Building Solutions understanding this price sensitivity behavior of Indian consumers have taken a conscious decision not to pass on the cost to consumers but to price them competitively by absorbing some cost and making Innovation affordable to consumers.

The acceptance of innovative products in India is primarily on a lower side. What are the Awareness campaigns you are conducting to spread the reach of your products?
The awareness campaign we conduct is mix of digital and on ground connect programme with decision makes and influencers. Also lot of thrust is there on creating organic enlistment/specification in various Central and government organizations across India.

Innovation and sustainability must go hand-in-hand else it acts as a catalyst for environmental, social, and economic degradation. How are your products conforming to these norms?
Dalmia Cement is front runner in sustainability and environmental initiatives. In fact Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited has been ranked globally no. 1 by the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project). And so we proudly say we are the Greenest Cement manufacturer in the globe. One of the offerings from New Building Solutions – Dalmia Infragreen – this is in the genesis brand name coinage.Taking this forward while developing Innovative Products in New Building Solutions, sustainability, environment and social concerns have been always in key focus. # Save Energy - As all of our products are Grey Cement based coming from our core Cement Plant, the energy cost for grinding is substantially saved helping environment. # Save Water – In a number of our offerings, unlike conventional construction method, curing of 14 days is not required – great water savings. # No Sand –New Building Solutions products are NO SAND based helping ecological balance and environment in a great way. 

CY2021 is round the corner. What are your growth plans for Dalmia Cement-New Building Solutions in 2021? Are there any product launches or new office or plant in the offing?
We will mostly focusing on establishing all these offerings in next FY22. However in New Building Solutions we are constantly working on gauging consumer needs and if any opportunity is reflected we will definitely offer new products to serve the need.  With a forecasted sharp rebound and growth of building material industry at 11.60% and FDIs coming into India to enhance construction speed with innovation, India needs complementing building material to prove its mettle internationally. As a responsible building material manufacturer, our pursuit is to innovate and keep on working towards saving mother earth with minimal impact product designs.


Abinash Mishra, Deputy Executive Director, Head S&M , New Building Solutions , Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited has established new product Pan India Placement, bringing many Industry’s First -  Products , those were missing in Indian Building material ecosystem as well products with No Sand No Gypsum offerings.



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