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Nuvoco adds ultra-modern aluminium body trucks in its logistics fleet

Nuvoco adds ultra-modern aluminium body trucks in its logistics fleet

As part of its ‘Protect Our Planetsustainability initiative, Nuvoco Vistas Corp, India's fifth-largest cement group and leading cement player in the East, in terms of capacity, has added advanced aluminium body trucks to its logistics fleet. These trucks are built with aluminium that is sourced from Hindalco Industries, one of the leading aluminium manufacturers in India. This unique model enhances Nuvoco's logistics efficiencies and strengthens its sustainable supply chain.

Aluminium-body trucks are lighter with better load-bearing capacity which boosts the overall mileage by reducing fuel consumption. This leads to decreased CO2 emissions, leading to reduced vehicular emissions, positively impacting the environment. Aluminium offers excellent resistance to corrosion and rust, resulting in a longer lifespan for vehicles. Moreover, the metal can be recycled repeatedly, making automotive manufacturing highly sustainable.

In FY22, Nuvoco's direct carbon emissions were 478 kgCO2/t of cementitious products, which is considerably lower than the global average of 580 kgCO2/t and the Indian average of 560 kgCO2/t.

The introduction of lighter aluminium body trucks for cement dispatches will help Nuvoco save approximately 28 tCO2/vehicle in its life-cycle by reducing fossil fuel consumption leading to natural resource conservation. This initiative will help Nuvoco cut its indirect carbon emissions considerably.

Jayakumar Krishnaswamy, Managing Director, Nuvoco Vistas Corp, commented, "A key component of Nuvoco's sustainability roadmap is its approach to decarbonization. As part of our carbon reduction strategy, we focus on several initiatives that will reduce direct emissions as well as indirect emissions. The collaboration between Nuvoco and Hindalco is a major step in reducing indirect emissions. A total of 15 Aluminium trucks will hit the road in Phase-1, and the number will be increased in Phase-2 based on on-road performance. At the end of its lifetime, aluminium is fully recyclable, contributing to the circular economy.”


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