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New 3000CS Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer

New 3000CS Chloride/Sulfate Analyzer

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton is proud to introduce the NEW 3000CS Analyzer with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) for chloride and sulfate measurement in pure water applications. The 3000CS analyzer expands their capabilities in serving the Power market and demonstrates their technology leadership in conductivity. It also further enhances their product portfolio and the one-stop shopping concept.

The 3000CS analyzer offers on-line ppb-level measurement of chloride and sulfate, key contaminants causing corrosion in power plants. With accurate and reliable trace level measurements, the 3000CS analyzer allows the customer to continuously monitor water/steam quality and react quickly to contamination events. The 3000CS analyzer provides:

  • On-line measurement of trace levels of chloride and sulfate
  • Unattended operation to minimize operator time commitment
  • Automatic calibration for excellent repeatability and measurement accuracy
  • Grab sample capability to measure other samples as well as QC checks

For additional information, visit www.mt.com/pro_power


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