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Mining sector is constantly evolving and so are the opportunities

Mining sector is constantly evolving and so are the opportunities, says Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB Crusher India

What are the evolving opportunities from the mining sector?
The mining sector is constantly evolving and so are the opportunities for MB Crusher. One of the biggest trends in the mining sector is the move towards more sustainable operations, with customers being more careful about their long term requirements so as to not have over capacity in the medium-long term. This means using less energy and producing less waste. In parallel, market participants are finding ways to reuse or recycle materials that would otherwise be wasted. MB Crusher has a long history of helping customers in the mining sector reduce their environmental impact. We offer a range of solutions that can help miners save energy and money, while still getting the most out of their operations. For example, our mobile jaw crushers help contractors optimise the utility of their base machine while minimising fuel consumption.

Trends that shape and propel growth
The mining sector continues to grow, driven by demand for commodities such as iron ore, copper and coal. Emerging markets such as India are playing a significant role in driving growth in the sector. Looking to the future, the mining sector is facing a number of challenges that will shape and propel its growth. These include declining ore grades, rising costs environmental regulations, increased competition from alternative energy sources. The mining sector will need to continue to adapt and innovate in order to meet these challenges and continue to grow. We see very strong demand for solutions that are able to work off the grid independently even in the remotest areas of the country.

What is the role technology is playing in broadening the scope of opportunities?
From GPS systems and drones to autonomous vehicles and robotics, technology is helping miners improve efficiency, boost production, and reduce costs. The use of data and analytics is also helping miners make sense of the vast amounts of information generated by their operations. This enables a more scientific approach to capex and equipment requirements.Specific to our space, strong advancements in technology is making attachments more efficient and easier to use. They are no longer considered a complement to other solutions, but a solution on their own.
Contractors increasingly appreciate solutions that provide remote supervision and control. Hence, connectivity will become a major driver. We are working on such aspects with strong intent. Already we provide contractors the highest degree of operational independence at site, we now want to create a structure whereby post sales and servicing becomes seamless via an integrated interface that is remote and available to us, the site and the offices of the client. On the product innovation front, we are very excited to say that our latest models have been further enhanced with India market specific improvements. These KIAs provide enhancement on both the strength and productivity of our products.We also offer comprehensive training and support services to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

India mining sector as an investment hub… Express views on the same
Our opinion on India's mining sector as an investment hub is positive. India has vast reserves of minerals and metals, and the country is also home to a large population with a growing middle class. This makes India an attractive market for companies like MB Crusher, which supplies equipment for the mining and infrastructure industries. In addition, the Indian government is supportive of the mining industry and is working to create a more favourable environment for investment. For example, the government has recently streamlined the process for issuing exploration licenses and is providing financial incentives for companies that invest in the mining sector. These factors make India an appealing destination for companies looking to expand their businesses or establish a presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

What are the challenges yet to overcome and strategies to overcome the same?
The mining sector is facing a number of challenges that includes unauthorised and illegal mining which need to be overcome in order to ensure its long-term viability. These include the need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and improve safety and environmental standards. We are committed to help the mining sector overcome these challenges through the development of innovative and efficient crushing solutions. Our crushers are designed to minimize maintenance requirements and downtime, while also maximizing throughput.


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