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JSW One launches JSW One TMT

JSW One launches JSW One TMT

JSW One has launched JSW One TMT, aimed at powering India's construction ambitions by setting new benchmarks for quality and reliability. The BIS-certified JSW One TMT bars set new standards by offering customers 10X benefits in one TMT, including- best-in-class-rib design, superior chemistry, corrosion resistance, European technology, budget-friendly, higher flexibility, and bendability, enhanced structural strength, supreme concrete grip, uniform gauge and dimension, and heat/quake resistance, backed by JSW's legacy in steel.

JSW One TMT bars bridge the quality and performance gap faced by consumers and construction companies. They address the challenge of local non-standard TMT brands prevalent across regional markets, thus transforming the construction space. It improves efficiency in construction with the need for fewer rebars due to its higher strength, leaner construction and reduced concrete requirements, resulting in faster bar placement and lighter crane loads. The innovative design also translates into significant cost savings for customers through lower consumption of TMT bars, resulting in slimmer columns and more interior floor space and carpet area.

Parth Jindal, Director, JSW One Platforms, said,“As we expand our reach across India through technology, we have seen various gaps in the market where our customers struggle to find high-quality TMT at affordable prices. Non-standard and non-confirming products have engulfed the market. It is here that we at JSW One see a large multi-billion-dollar opportunity. To address this, we have created the private brands business. JSW One TMT is our first private brand product, and we expect to launch more such products in due course.”

Gaurav Sachdeva, CEO of JSW One Platforms, commented on the launch, “Over the last three years, we have expanded our business in 18 states across India and have 50,000 registered customers across manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure segments. As we expand our catalogue with third party brands, we launched the Private Brands business earlier this year to create standardised and quality products for our customers. We've launched JSW One TMT as our first product as we realise that customers struggle with a reliable TMT brand meeting BIS standard across the country. JSW One TMT is a corrosion-resistant, budget friendly rebar that provides best-in-class-rib design, superior chemistry and high flexibility and bendability.”


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