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IndiaGoSolar brings on board Elcomponics, Radical Solar, Analogics Tech India Ltd. and Shivani International on its e-info marketplace platform

IndiaGoSolar brings on board Elcomponics, Radical Solar, Analogics Tech India and Shivani International on its e-info marketplace platform

IndiaGoSolar, India’s first ever solar e-info commerce marketplace offering solar products, projects & Services online, has announced that it has brought on board Elcomponics, Radical Solar, Analogics Tech India Ltd and Shivani International on its products and consultancy marketplace platform.
Elcomponics is a quality and customer focused company manufacturing solar refrigerators, solar pumps etc, Radical Solar manufactures and exports solar panels and other allied products related to the solar energy industry. Similarly, Analogics Tech India Ltd is a leading manufacturer in the power utility segment, making solar inverters and solar pumps etc. Shivani International is a solar e-rickshaw manufacturing company, based out of Uttar Pradesh.
IndiaGoSolar will be providing these companies premium page visibilities on their platform by displaying product highlights and schemes etc, thereby helping them to reach out to their potential customers efficiently.
Dr. Harish Ahuja, Founder & CEO, IndiaGoSolar commented, “The Internet is indeed a great leveler. Any seller from anywhere, big or small, can sell to anyone anywhere in India using the power of an online marketplace. By merely hopping on the internet, any manufacturer or distributor instantly expands its reach to a national or even an international base of potential customers. These solar companies needed a platform to market their affordable and accessible solar products to potential customers far and wide and we are enabling them to do just that, through our platform.”
“We started with only 1 solar product supplier on board and now we have more than 42 manufacturers, 20 EPC players and 10 financial consultants on our platform. We have come a long way from the time consumers had inhibitions around buying solar products online.”, Ahuja added. 
As a policy, Indiagosolar.in lists only those integrators and manufacturers on their platform which are already empanelled by MNRE and state agencies. To ensure authenticity and credibility, each of these companies go through a rigorous process of scrutiny by Government agencies before they become channel partners or system integrators. All smaller players are checked thoroughly before they can find affiliation on Indiagosolar.in in order to market their products and services to the end consumers.
Currently the company has a foot-print all across India supported by a well-entrenched partner network and tie ups with over 6 to 7 major PSU banks.

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