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India’s data centre infra gets a boost with Mitsubishi Electric

India’s data centre infra gets a boost with Mitsubishi Electric

by Rajeev Sharma, Chief Strategy Officer, Mitsubishi Electric India

India’s data centre sector is witnessing a major boom as the country’s GDP growth rate is expected to be one of highest among large economies of the world in 2021. A growing number of corporates and their rising demand for more data has spiced up the market for large-scale data centres across top cities.

According to a recently released Crisil Report, the data centre industry in India is likely to log a rapid 25-30 percent compound annual growth rate CAGR to reach $4.5-$5 billion by fiscal 2025. While the Covid pandemic may have halted the growth, the demand and the expansion plans remain intact.

Various states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, and a few other northern states witnessed these developments. Hence, data storage companies will now be able to set up such facilities and sectors like defence, manufacturing, banking and financial services, telecom, etc, are eying to have a data centre.

Data centres consist of critical infrastructure equipment that allows a business to maintain an online presence, efficiency in daily operations, run applications and process data.

Modern data centres consist of a variety of infrastructure components, including servers and network connectivity equipments that permit access to the server storage over the Internet. Users, whether using a private data centre or a shared data centre, access data and programs housed on data centre equipments via internet to complete their daily operations.

In a public cloud setting, data centres share computational and storage capabilities across a broad group of users. Private cloud settings, conversely, restrict access to data centre architecture to one dedicated user.

Currently, estimates suggest that India has around 375 MW installed power capacity for data centre and as per projections, this may grow up to three times by 2025. This policy intends to accelerate the projected data centre growth and investments in the sector. 

Mitsubishi Electric India is already providing best global products & solutions for data centres in India with its unique offerings for India’s growth.

For data centres, the company offers HVAC, iBMS, SCADA, UPS, Elevators and LVS solutions across India.

Integrated Building Management System (iBMS)is a single comprehensive Building Management System for the integration of HVAC, Fire Alarm, Public Address, Access Control, Security, Lighting and other systems.

SCADA is a cutting-edge software which delivers real-time visualization, mobility, analytics, and connectivity to deliver a contextualized view of enterprise operations for manufacturing, industrial automation, and smart buildings customers including data centres.

The company also offers precision air-conditioning solutions for data centre (IT cooling system, HVAC) that can meet the most demanding requirements of critical IT systems with the ability to operate efficiently, stably, and save continuously.

When downtime or slowdowns hit data centres, losses can escalate quickly. Mitsubishi Electric's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and IT cooling systems deliver the quality, reliability and efficiency required to keep critical systems running non-stop and at peak performance.

Mitsubishi Electric Elevators offers a detailed quality management and service level of its maintenance staff, product durability/lifespan and safety levels are at the highest in the vertical transport industry. Apart from being high-quality products, Mitsubishi elevators have an impeccable safety record as well offering amazing safety features. These elevators have some of the best safety features available globally.

Known for its technical excellence and small carbon footprint, the system delivers continuous power and precise temperature control needed for long-term operations.

Mitsubishi Electric's IT cooling systems provide precise temperature and humidity controls, allowing data centre to achieve optimal performance and have a longer operating life.

To operate properly, IT systems require error-free environmental controls. Mitsubishi Electric's IT cooling solutions meet that requirement even with extreme load variations. Likewise, its UPS systems provide superior performance under severe load conditions. By using an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) power device, UPS systems maximize system performance and reliability.

Mitsubishi Electric's UPS and IT Cooling systems are reliable 24*7, meeting demand for non-stop operations.


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