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India has been recognized as one of our primary target markets, says Piero Guizzetti, CEO of MB Crusher India

India has been recognized as one of our primary target markets, says Piero Guizzetti, CEO of MB Crusher India

How would you describe the fourth day of Excon 2023 so far?
The day has just begun, and looking back at the first three days, I'm pleased to announce that this marks our fifth participation in Excon. Our journey began in 2015, and we've consistently surpassed records in terms of both the quantity and quality of traffic. The event's organization has been excellent, and the turnout has exceeded our expectations. The substantial volume of attendees is noteworthy, but more importantly, the quality of engagement has been exceptional. This is particularly gratifying for us as it underscores the success of our efforts to educate the market about our product category, introduced in 2012. Customers now have a comprehensive understanding of our product category and recognize MB Crusher as a brand. Consequently, they approach us with specific requirements and questions, demonstrating a clear understanding of the value, benefits, and attributes of MB Crusher in the five categories we operate in.

What is your outlook on the future growth and trends of the Construction Equipment (CE) Industry in India?
We have recently concluded our global meeting for 2023, and I am pleased to announce that India has now been designated as one of our focus markets. This decision is based on the country's current potential and promising future prospects. We firmly believe that India is poised to become the most significant infrastructure market for the next ten to fifteen years.

What innovations has MB Crusher introduced at Excon 2023?
We've brought back the four product categories showcased in previous events: the drum cutter line, the screening line,the bucket crusher line, and the grapple line. Additionally, we've unveiled the brand new MB-HDS, a shaft screening machine  featured at the event. This machine is use for Soil Aeration, Compost Aeration, Soft coal, glass or drywall crushing, complementing our traditional screening line that works exclusively with dry and inert material.  The new MB-HDS series selects, crushes and makes immediately reusable, excavation or demolition materials, asphalt, coal, organic material, wood, bark, light plastic. You can switch from one material to another with a lot of ease whenever you need it: here lies the most useful and important innovation.The rotating shaft features two to five shafts, depending on the base machine model, and they are interchangeable directly on site. We offer four primary kits, three catering to landscaping, gardening, soil mixing, irrigation, fertilizer, and composting industries. The RM mixer kit set, specifically designed for soft coal crushing industries, is the one showcased at the event.Our esteemed customers have enthusiastically shared their feedback, attesting to the exceptional performance, efficiency, and robustness of the initial three installations, specifically tailored for the southern Indian coal crushing market. These installations have not only met but surpassed our expectations, demonstrating the superior quality and effectiveness of our product.

Could you explain for our readers, the applications of this product and the sectors where these products have been used?
Certainly, each sector has its unique applications, but to provide a general overview of all five product categories, our primary end-use applications are in road construction, particularly prominent in the retail sector. We have a strong presence in retail, where we actively contribute to projects aligned with initiatives like PMJSY, focusing on rural connectivity. Additionally, our products find applications in piping, trenching, and tunneling, particularly in the irrigation segment. Surprisingly, the most significant growth area for us this year has been the demolition sector. This is attributed to the government's policy of promoting the continuous recycling and reuse of demolished materials, aligning perfectly with our core values. Previously, demolition contractors incurred costs for disposing of construction debris and demolition material through landfilling and transportation. With our machines, which can crush and screen materials into specific sizes like 60mm for JSB and 40mm down for WMM, this cost has transformed into a revenue stream. Demolition contractors can now sell the processed material, turning what was once an expense into a profitable venture.

What value additions have been done to augment the brand’s value? 
Over the past ten years, we have not only deployed our complete product lines consisting of 43 models but have also been actively expanding our distribution network. Recognizing the critical importance of after-sales and post-sales services in India, we are committed to meeting any requirement within 24 hours across the country.


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