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In the next couple of years, Proptech is going to disrupt Real Estate business in India, says Vikram Kotnis, Executive Chairman & MD, Sell.Do

In the next couple of years, Proptech is going to disrupt Real Estate business in India, says Vikram Kotnis, Executive Chairman & MD, Sell.Do

The adoption of Proptech in the real estate segment has picked up recently. Please share your thoughts on the use of information technology tools.
Technology has become the best friend of every business and every industry today. The acceptance of advanced technology in various sectors and industries has given a whole new dimension of opportunities to capitalize on. Real estate is no exception to this technological disruption. While the face of global real estate has changed dramatically, Indian real estate has also felt the effects of this transformation. Consumer needs and preferences are continuously evolving. Consumers now need more information to make clear and informed decisions. With the shift in the needs of the homebuyer, Proptech has become an essential part of the ecosystem and advanced technologies like AI and VR are being used extensively.
Proptech solutions like sales automation, inventory management, omni-channel communication, online transactions & payments, post-sales documentation have increased homebuyer convenience, increased profit margins of developers and helped channel partners make the most of the surging market conditions. The demands of the homebuyer have always driven the technology adoption. Demand for Proptech will continue to rise and propagate more such developments in the future.
How does the customer relationship platform improve the customer onboarding and management experience?
Customer onboarding is the procedure that comes into action during a post-purchase and requires leading a new user through a product or service training for how to use it, making a customer feel comfortable with it, and showing how to obtain its worth. This process helps organizations build strong relationships with customers, retain customers, and gain more loyal customers.  While onboarding customers, you have to make sure that they get accustomed to every process involved. When you use CRM for onboarding customers, you can organize your information through a central repository for all the relevant documents and data. CRM helps customer success managers in handling multiple clients at one click, and also providing solutions to the clients becomes easier as the details are stored in one place. Using the CRM tools increases transparency so that there are no communication gaps and helps build credibility.
What is the role of data and how does Sell.do manage it for the customers. Please give examples. 
The overall role of Data is to create a seamless customer journey. Understanding and establishing good customer relationships relies heavily on the data-driven insights like purchase behavior, customer values, lifestyle choices, and needs. CRM software reduces the burden of manual admin work, eliminates errors in data collection, improves the chances of lead conversion and customer retention and helps in making all the right business decisions. Creating a customizable data-driven experience with the help of CRM can help boost sales and propel business growth. Sell.do, an award-winning CRM solution backed by Aurum Proptech (earlier known as Majesco), a publicly listed tech firm, helps brands to establish a relationship with customers by identifying and prioritizing potential buyers. It helps in engaging the customers at every stage of their buying journey, streamlining marketing funnels, and boosting profitability with the right products and services by taking data-informed decisions. The key goals of data collection in CRM are customer acquisition, categorization & prioritization, engagement, conversion and retention.
How does a CRM platform help in customer retention? 
There’s no denying that customer satisfaction is crucial for the survival and success of any business. To gain the trust of customers and turn them into loyal customers requires smart targeting, personalization, and strategic implementation. Thankfully, customer-centric tools such as a CRM can help define customer interaction and preferences. A CRM brings flexibility to customer data management processes and customer experiences that help to strengthen the brand identity. Keeping data organized, providing personalized content, maintaining effective customer service, keeping clients engaged, providing insights, automating processes, and improving internal communication - all these can be done with the adoption of a CRM in your business. Not only that, personalized interactions are a prerequisite for improved customer satisfaction and only a CRM can make this process easier by collating customer data and feedback, and utilizing it for optimizing interactions. 
Please share the future outlook for the role of CRM in the Proptech industry for 2022.
In the next couple of years, Proptech is going to disrupt Real Estate business in India. As the homebuyer spends more time researching properties online, Proptech will create & deliver enhanced customer experiences. Proptech is revolutionizing the real estate sector like never before. Integrated solutions like Sell.Do CRM will help provide homebuyers with virtual tours, video calls to resolve customer queries, help track their payment schedule, facilitate post-sales payments and much more. It will ensure more transparency in the system and provide better services to the customers. CRM tools will continue to gain importance in managing the entire consumer Lifecycle.

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