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Fire Safety Precautions every Developer must adhere to

Fire Safety Precautions every Developer must adhere to

by Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director & Group President, RR Global

The Covid- 19 pandemic brought with it the ‘work from home’ trend. With all family members indoors, there has been an increase in the load of the overall electricity usage. The air conditioners, lights, chargers and other appliances are often used throughout the day. A small reason like this is enough to create a big outburst of fire which could be very dangerous. Therefore, developers today are focused on providing their tenants and residents with utmost fire safety measures.

Below are a few points that are extremely necessary to be followed and every developer must take into consideration with regards to Fire Safety:

  • The use of Fire Resistant wiring

The lesser known fact regarding a fire breakout is that smoke inhalation causes more deaths than the fire itself. Thus, it becomes imperative to curb the smoke before it explodes into a fire. In such cases, fire resistant wiring comes to the rescue, but no wire is completely fire resistant after all. Developers must consider the use of Low Smoke Zero Halogen wires as these do not produce a toxic combination of gas, acid, and smoke in case they are exposed to any kind of accidents. Additionally, wires with a rubber jacketing also help to keep the circuit safe in case of a fire outbreak.

  • Use of Fire Sprinklers and Fire Extinguishers.

For any construction, be it a residential or commercial building, it is suggested that to create provision for an adequate amount of fire extinguishers that placed at equal distances in the common areas in each building. Fire sprinklers are overhead systems that sprinkle water in the room with full force which reduces the intensity of the fire. Installing these sprinklers is a good practice as half of the problem is controlled just when the water is sprayed automatically and an attempt is made to extinguish the fire.

  • Installation of Fire Alarms

A fire alarms is an alarm that rings at the highest volume when smoke is detected and there is a probability of a fire. In times like today, when people are busy with their own work, there are chances that a fire breaks out due to some unforeseen situation or ignorance. It becomes difficult to get to a safer place after a full-fledged fire, which makes it important to have fire alarms installed on every floor if not in every house. However, these alarms must be serviced from time to time to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Ensuring Convenient Exit Points:

In the case of a fire breakout, despite all precautions and measures been undertaken, the next most important thing becomes getting people to a safer place or evacuating the entire building with minimum or no casualties or injuries to anyone. For a smooth evacuation, it is necessary that there are well planned and convenient exit points which the residents or the people working in that building are well educated and aware about. Floor plans must be made and put up on each floor to avoid any kind of hustle or confusion during the evacuation.

  • Conducting Fire Drills

The most important part of taking all these measures and precautions for fire safety is that it must be well communicated to all. Everyone who will be using the building and its premises needs to be aware of where the fire extinguishers are placed or where the closest exits are. Fire drills must be performed at regular intervals by professional firemen and the people must be made to participate in each drill. Fire Drills are very important so that an individual does not panic when there is a fire and knows exactly what has to be done to control the situation till help arrives.

These set of measures must be considered as a protocol and followed diligently to ensure safety with scope for minimum or zero casualties in case of any fire incident. It cannot be said that after following all these steps, a fire will not break out, but it is definite that it will not have heavy consequences and will be curbed with minimal or no damage to human lives or infrastructure.


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