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Enerpac Reaction Arms Kit for Safer Torque Control

Enerpac Reaction Arms Kit for Safer Torque Control

Enerpac announces the ERAK-Series Reaction Arm Kits for Enerpac S and RSL (RSQ)-Series Square Drive torque wrenches. In addition to improving torque tool fit, the kits enhance worker safety by providing a safety tested and full torque rated reaction arm.

The ERAK-Series Reaction Arm reduces the twisting reaction force produced during torque wrench bolting and, consequently, prevents operator fatigue. Significantly the ERAK-Series also eliminates the need for extended reaction arm and reaction tubes, enabling a more compact torque tool arrangement. Simplicity and ease of use are the trademark of Enerpac torque tools. The ERAK-Series replaces the need for multiple custom reaction arms. It can be configured in unique standard setups which are suitable to repetitive work. Moreover, the reaction arm can be used with the hexagon Allen-Key drives on the torque wrench.

The ERAK-Series Reaction Arm is designed for the most common Enerpac S and RSL (RSQ)-Series Square Drive torque wrenches. Since their introduction, the S-Series and RSL-Series have set the benchmark for ease of use and productivity, providing a simple and robust solution for a wide range of bolting applications.

For more information on the ERAK-Series Reaction Arm Kits, visit www.enerpac.com.


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