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Digitization has always been on top of our agenda & part of our core business strategy, says VivekPatni, Director at Wonder Cement

Digitization has always been on top of our agenda & part of our core business strategy, says Vivek Patni, Director at Wonder Cement

Covid-19 has thrown in new challenges, the primary being following all the guidelines of the government to restart the manufacturing facility. What are the operational strategies you have adopted to commence your business taking into consideration safety concerns of the employees as well growth of the organisation?

The COVID – 19 has posed many challenges both on safety of people and availability of skill Man Power. As philosophy of the Wonder Cement, We had given safety of the people a top priority. When Govt allowed the resuming of operations of our manufacturing activity, we took time to make all preparations of Human safety. The mask were given all to employees and labour. It is made mandatory to wear mask while they are in our premises. Body temperature were scanned and then only employees were allowed to enter in offices / manufacturing facilities. Social distancing was observed strictly. Soaps and water / sanitizer were made available at number of locations for sanitizing of their hands. Special Patroller were deployed to keep a watch on work force and to ensure that all the guidelines are followed. Extensive training were imparted to all employees to follow safety guidelines. In addition to above, we made provision of Isolation of people if some body found unwell specially at all Project site. Labour coming from outside were first sent to Hospitals for their screening. All the doubtful cases were asked to go for COVID- 19 test.

Digitization, IoT, Robotic process automation (RPA), Automation, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, henceforth, will play a key role from cement manufacturing to final dealers’ delivery. How has implementation of these technologies changing your organisation for the better?

Digitization has always been on top of our agenda & part of our core business strategy since inception. Apart from investing in the essential business applications like ERP, CRM etc, we were one of the early adopters of latest technologies like Cloud, Business Intelligence (BI), IoT, RPA, AI, ML, etc to improve operational efficiencies, customer experience, and to have real-time visibility into operations, supply chain, etc. We are the first Indian Cement company to move to Cloud (IaaS & SAS model). We work with Cloud first & Mobile first approach in all our IT initiatives. Our vision is to “To leverage Digital to Accelerate growth, Build relationships & enhance consumer experience”

The government has promulgated an Ordinance for amendment of MMDR Act and the industry through The Cement Manufacturers Association has raised concern over the likelihood of deletion of section 10A(2)(b) of the MMDR Amendment Act, 2015. Your message for the industry on this?

The act enables and provides more opportunities to players in the industry and ensures development of the sector and the country. The industry will be given more opportunities to develop by making natural resources more available, and in general this is a good initiative by the government. This will also boost a lot of employment around the newer project, and livelihood will flourish in the surrounding areas.

Coal is a depleting resource and a major source of greenhouse gas emission. What are the alternatives and innovations you have come up for manufacturing cement?

To reduce Green houses Gases and to take care of depleting fossil Fuel, Wonder Cement has promoted Non-conventional source of energy. We have set up winder Mills and Solar Power plant. We are also working on alternative fuels like Municipal waste, industrial waste, waste Plastic, Hazardous Waste. Waste Heat Recovery power plants are installed to utilize waste heat from process gases. In addition to above we are working continuously to reduce specific power and fuel consumption. There has been reduction on both the front year after year

With environmental degradation at an all-time low, the demand for ‘Green Cement’ has seen a surge. What are this Green Cement and your offerings?

We are offering Port Land Pozzalana Cement, utilizing 31 % fly ash, a waste of Power plant. This reduces utilization of Clinker Uses.

What are your growth plans for your organisation for the next three years? Is there any plan for expansion, new plant, acquisition in the offing?

Today we are 11 million ton per Annum Cement Company. In immediate future, we are setting up 2 million ton per annum grinding unit at Jajjar in Haryana. It is expected to be commission by March 2021. With commissioning of Jajjar Unit, Wonder Cement will be 13 million ton per annum cement company. We have Vision of becoming 17 million ton per annum company in next three years.

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