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Connectivity and accessibility: Malad’s strategic location in Mumbai real estate

Connectivity and accessibility: Malad’s strategic location in Mumbai real estate

by Harshvardhan Tibrewala, Director, Roha Realty

Discover the pulse of Mumbai's real-estate, where the spotlight now extends beyond the city's iconic landscapes. While Mumbai has long been the go-to destination for property enthusiasts, a fresh contender is captivating the attention of savvy buyers – Malad.

Nestled strategically, Malad emerges as a commercial haven, drawing in those who seek a dynamic yet accessible lifestyle. The Malad Suburban region, seamlessly connected to every nook and cranny of Mumbai, boasts a network of well-connected roadways such as the Western Express Highway, SV Road and an extensive BEST service grid. As a result, Malad effortlessly links to various parts of the city, providing a vibrant backdrop for both living and business.

Connecting nodes

The strategic location is further enhanced by transformative projects like the Coastal Road and the Metro Yellow Line 2, solidifying Malad's connectivity to different corners of Mumbai. The ambitious vision for Malad includes the development of a sprawling complex reminiscent of the famed Bandra-Kurla Complex, lining its western coast. Spanning over 1,387 acres, this visionary initiative will be developed as a Special development Zone (SDZ), aiming to elevate living standards and focusing on robust infrastructure for residents.

Beyond connectivity, Malad places a premium on contemporary living, elevating its infrastructure into a vibrant social hub. Iconic shopping destinations like the renowned Inorbit Mall, Oberoi Mall, and Infinity Mall seamlessly integrate into the landscape. Educational excellence flourishes with institutions like Ryan International School, Orchids – The International School, Billabong High International School, Vidya Vikas Universal College, R K College of Science and Commerce, while healthcare needs find solace in facilities like the Surana Hospital and Research Centre, Zenith Hospital, Vivanta Multispecialty Hospital and Lifeline Hospital.Therefore, the location emerges not just as a residential haven but as a thriving ecosystem, making it an irresistible choice for discerning buyers and an enticing prospect for property investments.

The township projects in Malad redefine luxury with a perfect blend of modern construction and opulent facilities. What adds to its allure is the proximity to leisure destinations such as the picturesque Sanjay Gandhi National Park and the pristine Aksa Beach. This strategic advantage of being close to entertainment hubs enhances the overall appeal of Malad as a residential destination.

Investing in these properties goes beyond acquiring a home; it translates into a lucrative opportunity. These developments not only offer world-class amenities but also showcase consistent growth, promising a high return on investment. Malad isn't just a destination; it's an investment in a future where luxury meets prosperity.

Developmental stride

Embracing a remarkable surge in the IT sector, Malad has witnessed the emergence of key business and IT hubs like Infinity IT Park, SEEPZ, Mindspace, and more. These developments not only signify a boom in employment opportunities but also spark a heightened interest among potential homebuyers, amplifying the demand for residential spaces in Malad. Take the sprawling Infinity IT Park, a colossal structure spanning 2.25 million square feet, as an example. Such ambitious projects have not just transformed the skyline but have catalyzed unprecedented growth in the region's overall infrastructure.

Yet, what sets Malad apart isn't just the physical expansion but a conscientious commitment to public transportation, maintaining green spaces, and fostering a significant increase in property values (with a remarkable price appreciation of over 20% in the last one year). These trifocal factors position Malad as an appealing investment destination, promising long-term growth in the real estate market.

As industry experts foresee an upward trajectory in demand and property values with Malad's ongoing expansion, this prime location, coupled with relentless infrastructural development, emerges as a key player in Mumbai's real estate landscape. For those seeking a contemporary and dynamic lifestyle, Malad offers an optimal blend of connectivity, accessibility, and urban amenities. In the unfolding narrative of Mumbai's real estate, Malad stands not just as a participant but as a prominent protagonist, defining the future of modern living.


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