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CBRE launches mobile app Host for technology-driven real estate

CBRE launches mobile app Host for technology-driven real estate

CBRE South Asia has announced the launch of Host – an expanded service offering for corporate occupiers and institutional property investors designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for enhanced employee experience in the workplace.

Host is a powerful customer experience platform offered by CBRE that combines hospitality professionals and training with an intuitive mobile app designed to remove friction and facilitate workplace efficiency. Host is transforming the way we connect with customers and manage property in a way that connects front of house serve with the back of house engine room that gets things done.

Host builds on CBRE’s industry-leading expertise in managing facilities for corporate occupiers and properties for building owners/landlords. It also leverages CBRE’s excellence at designing workplace strategies and flexible space solutions.

The platform streamlines standard office facility operations, actively responding to occupier needs – ensuring efficient allocation and utilization of floor space, asset management and safety.

Adding value and ensuring seamless business continuity, Host contributes and eases the delivery of amenities across various segments.

Host connects tenants’ employees to the building’s services, spaces, and amenity, as well as goods and services from local businesses. It consolidates the value of a building into a single tenant-facing app, making amenities easier to discover, access and manage. Host helps tenants experience the full value of the building by elevating the perks and amenity they have invested in and offers convenience by incorporating a marketplace of local goods and services into one user interface.

The platform’s scalable product suite includes concierge-quality services that aims to create a helpful and comfortable atmosphere, and delivering exceptional experiences across all employee-facing services (reception, IT support, meetings and events); world-class customer service training and certification; and a powerful, enterprise-grade technology platform, including an agile, easy-to-use app that creates an employee-centric workplace experience.

It also provides vital information on app usage, workplace occupancy and supports the evolving needs of employees or tenants with access to data and analytics to improve their daily journey. In fact, basis current statistics over 97% of the current Host users in Asia Pacific are satisfied with the application as it helped increase user retention.

Commenting on the launch, Anshuman Magazine, Chairman, India & South-East Asia, Middle East & Africa, CBRE, said, “Host is a crucial platform for all the customers, landlords, tenant workforce, & building management team. With digitization now being the center of most businesses, the platform will offer curated experiences and high-touch customer services. Host will modernize the new working systems by combining people and technology into an integrated offering - eliminates the barriers and shortcomings associated with tech-only solutions.”

Commenting on the same, Rajesh Pandit, Managing Director, Global Workplace Solutions & Property Management, India, South East Asia, Middle East and North Africa, CBRE, said “At CBRE, we believe that technology is a key enabler in enhancing the services and experiences we provide for our clients. Host helps showcase the best of real estate & technology. The platform will offer an experience platform that connects the employee to the work environments, amenities and communities that matter most. From access to a curated list of pre-vetted local vendors to touchless entry and contactless delivery, Host is the perfect fit for the post-COVID workplace world.”

A feature in the app called ‘Host Building’ adopts a future portfolio platform strategy and builds a connection between the tenant & developer community. For employees, it provides services for an ideal workplace that instils a productive aspect amongst them. For landlords and customers, it programs daily chores and streamlines some key concerns in their societies. Along with this, it offers key insights into user behavior and provides recommendations on ways to enhance current initiatives based on specific tenant needs.

Host Experience Services are about finding the right people to care for workplaces and communities - trained to deliver seamless building operations and delightful outcomes. Hosts are responsible for creating and activating exceptional workplace experience. They build relationships with tenant customers to understand their needs, create a sense of community through meaningful communications and events, space activations and seamlessly connect front and back of house to remove friction in the workplace.


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