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BEML to supply BH100 rear dump trucks to Northern Coal Fields

BEML to supply BH100 rear dump trucks to Northern Coal Fields

BEML has secured an important order from Northern Coal Fields (NCL) for the supply of 28 units of BH100 Rear Dump Trucks. The total value of this order is INR 250 crores.

The BH100 Rear Dump Truck is engineered to transport payloads of up to 100 tonnes, specifically designed for the efficient handling of overburden and coal in mining operations. This order marks a significant milestone in BEML's continued partnership with NCL, reflecting the trust and reliance on BEML's heavy-duty mining equipment. The dumpers will be maintained under a Guaranteed Spare Parts contract for a period of 5 years, ensuring uninterrupted service and operational efficiency.

The BEML BH100 Rear Dump Truck is renowned for its robust design, advanced features, and operational efficiency, making it a preferred choice in the mining industry. Designed to transport payloads of up to 100 tonnes, the BH100 is ideal for heavy-duty mining operations, particularly for handling overburden and coal. Engineered for fuel efficiency, the BH100 helps reduce operational costs while maintaining high performance levels.

Commenting on this achievement, Shantanu Roy, CMD, BEML, said, "Our contributions towards the coal sector are getting bigger, and our mission is to help coal players achieve their target of extracting more than 1 billion tonnes of coal in the country. Our BH100 Rear Dump Truck has the capability to assist NCL in their coal extraction efforts in a significant way."

This order underlines BEML's commitment to supporting India's mining industry with robust and reliable machinery, further strengthening its position as a major player in the mining equipment sector. BEML has continuously advanced the technological capabilities of its products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The company's dedication to innovation has not only bolstered India's defense sector but also enhanced the efficiency and sustainability of its infrastructure projects.


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