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Why remote energy management is the future

Why remote energy management is the future

by Ganesh L Khanolkar, Director Operations, Netix Controls India

According to an estimate by the International Energy Agency, over 40% of the emissions cuts that needed to achieve our global climate goals can be attained through proper energy efficiency. In today’s world, rising energy costs, increasing demand, and sustainability pledges by various countries have led to many companies to find smart ways to manage and reduce the consumption of energy.

This rise in the work-from home culture following the pandemic too, means that the modern workplace as we know it, is completely reimagined and this uncertainty makes it difficult for businesses to maintain the work space. This brings them to inevitably link it to the Internet of things(IoT), the next step forward in the energy management system where data is driven remotely.

For many companies, like those in the hospitality sector, energy is the second highest controllable cost. Therefore energy managers still have a critical role to play in keeping business costs to a minimum making remote energy management more important than ever.

The new way forward therefore is to look at lightweight, easy to install management systems that can be controlled and managed remotely. They will help corporate in cutting the costs, improving efficiencies and meeting energy demands and be environmentally friendly. So what are some of the key benefits in implementing remote energy management solutions.

Remote access

Deploying cloud solutions allows facility managers to remotely monitor and regulate their energy systems in real time. The advance analytics gives them the power to identify, track, and understand their energy usage thereby reporting their performance over time.

Cost optimization

Remote IoT energy management system can help companies reduce their energy spending and operating expenses by minimizing manpower to a great extent. They can even predict the energy consumption pattern and accordingly plan and spend their budgets.

Insightful reports that lead to higher energy efficiency

Data collected by IoT based sensors are used to regulate air-conditioning or lighting levels in real-time, thereby reducing energy consumption by taking necessary steps. The data related to specific parameters and device performance is continuously sent by real-time energy monitoring system, which can be measured into analytical reports to develop efficiency-boosting operations.

Easy accessibility

IoT energy management solutions provide easy accessibility and management control to avoid any mishaps that can be caused to human interventions. Building managers can also get proactive alerts should any asset failure situation arise.

All the above benefits show how remote energy management will benefit companies with enhanced productivity and efficiency, while also resulting in major cost optimization. With the evolution of IoT, energy management has become smart and much more efficient.​

Latest solutions that have arrived in the form of connected devices, and advancements in sensor and controls technology enable a new wave of advanced, non-invasive, cost-effective, and quick-to-install products. Considering that a properly installed and connected IoT products help overcome the capital barriers of installing traditional BMS, “smart” management systems help users easily view and reduce their resource consumption in real time with a mere touch of a button. This results in utility bill savings upwards of 20 percent or more per month.With the world pushing towards digital integration and management systems, we can safely say that remote energy management is the future for companies in their cost saving efforts.


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