WABCO launches Intelligent Trailer Program

WABCO launches Intelligent Trailer Program

WABCO India has launched Intelligent Trailer Program. The Intelligent Trailer Program leverages the capabilities of WABCO’s trailer anti-lock or electronic braking control systems to provide a platform for up to 40 innovative trailer operating functions. Designed to enhance trailer safety, security and efficiency, the Intelligent Trailer Program offers significant added value for India’s trailer manufacturers, fleet operators and cargo owners. Enabling customers to select the functions most relevant to their specific needs, the Program offers a powerful range of customizable solutions to enhance operating safety, as well as reduce transportation and fuel costs. The Intelligent Trailer Program also paves the way for India’s trailer industry to upgrade from basic braking systems to the next level of advanced braking and suspension technologies required for higher levels of vehicle automation.

The Intelligent Trailer Program is equipped with Trailer Anti-Lock Braking function, Roll Stability Support, TailGUARD™, OptiTire™, OptiLevel™ and OptiLink™ among others. The Company supports the Indian Government’s Automotive Indian Standard (AIS). Based on Trailer Code AIS 113, it mandates the fitment of Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) on all trailers manufactured and registered in India starting in April 2018. Trailer ABS optimizes vehicle control during emergency braking. It controls vehicle wheel slip, maintaining its ability to steer and providing added stability while braking. Maximizing the effectiveness of braking on all types of roads and in all weather conditions, Trailer ABS also helps extend the tire life of trailers.

WABCO’s advanced Trailer Electronic Braking System (T-EBS) is required to leverage the full scope of the Intelligent Trailer Program. T-EBS optimizes stopping distances and controls trailer brake and suspension functions. The system also enables the trailer to connect drivers, fleets and cargo owners to rich sources of onboard systems and operational information. Both ABS and EBS can be retrofitted to a broad range of trailers.

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