The Indian economy is set to grow at a rapid pace, says A.K Bal, Director, Viraj Projects

The Indian economy is set to grow at a rapid pace, says A.K Bal, Director, Viraj Projects

We are eying a threefold jump in our volumes in the coming three years

Viraj Projects has skill and domain knowledge necessary for undertaking any project right from its concept to its completion. What is your view on the current economic scenario in India?
With an estimated growth rate of 7-7.5% in FY 2018-19, the Indian economy is set to grow at a rapid pace. According to the Central Statistics Organization and International Monetary Fund, India is the fastest growing economy in the world and is expected to become one of the top 3 economic powers in the coming decade. According to AfrAsia Bank Global Wealth Migration Review, India is the 6th wealthiest country in the world with the net worth of $8,230 billion. The main drivers to this growth scenario are sectors like agriculture which is largest contributor in the Indian economy, real estate, infrastructure, IT, finance and etc. These sectors have drastically evolved during the course of time. Projects like smart city, Hyperloop are the major initiatives taken by the government in enhancing the Infrastructure sector in the country thus contributing to the economic growth.

What are the expertise you provide for infrastructure sector?
We have expertise in construction of road projects, flyovers, BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) roads, and treatment plants like water and sewage treatment plants, city drainage system.

How do you view the current power sector in India? What are the projects you have undertaken for the power sector?
Power is one of the most important parts for the development of infrastructure. This sector in India is constantly growing and is now focusing more on production of renewable energy. Ecofriendly methods of energy production are also being used for creation of sustainable environment. The production of conventional and non-conventional energy on a large scale has made India rank third among 40 countries in EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. With the launch of Saubhagya, the Government of India aims to provide electricity connection to about 40 million families in rural and urban India by December 2018. These initiatives have made India rank 26th in the World Bank's list of electricity accessibility in 2017. We are also in talks with Suzlon to take up some of their work in Karnataka. We have constructed about 550 units for them in the past.

What are the challenges you face while executing WTP/STP/ETP projects?
There are many challenges faced while executing treatment plant projects. The biggest and most important concern is disposal of sludge. Proper disposal methods must be implemented to avoid hazardous environmental effects. Another task is to create energy saver treatment plants as WTP/STP/ETP consumes a lot of electricity, making the project expensive. The way from designing to execution is quiet difficult as there exists a risk of the balancing tank being undersized, clarifier being badly designed along with the total inflow of sewage being higher than the volume of STP being designed.

Which are your ongoing road projects in India?
Currently, Viraj Projects is looking forward to contribute to projects like Amravati-Chikhli road 160 kms, NH-6 project which is near Nagpur.


How are you addressing the shortage of talent crunch and skilled man power shortages?
The shortage of skilled man power is slowing down the development in infrastructure sector. Labourers work in very less wages and in unfavorable conditions which leads to degradation of human resource. These problems are being addressed by us and so we have established an institute by the name of Ujwala Institute of Vocational Education and Training. The institute is established to train supervisors and workers. Along with training, we also provide tools from abroad to create maximum output. Besides, the construction industry also requires lot of skilled labourers and we feel there is an urgent requirement for Training of Trainers.

What are your growth plans for Viraj Projects for the next three years?
We are eying a threefold jump in our volumes in the coming three years. We are also, in advanced stage to bag chunks of road and airport projects.


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