Tata Motors collaborates with WABCO India

Tata Motors collaborates with WABCO India

Working in collaboration with WABCO India, Tata Motors will implement WABCO’s pioneering technologies which have been optimized for India’s operating conditions. Designed to help mitigate some of the most common causes of accidents involving commercial vehicles, advanced driver assistance system solutions enhance vehicle safety, driver comfort and effectiveness. Through this partnership, Tata Motors becomes the first OEM to provide a host of specific safety technologies in their vehicles, including Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Automatic Traction Control (ATC), Hill Start Aid (HSA), a Collision Mitigation System (CMS) and a Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

The WABCO Collision Mitigation System (OnGuardASSIST™) implemented by Tata Motors, alerts the driver to potentially critical driving situations via acoustic, visual and haptic signals. Should the driver fail to take corrective action, the system provides active braking on moving and stopping vehicles to mitigate or prevent impending rear-end collisions. The system utilizes a powerful 77GHz radar sensor that maintains the system’s high performance in all weather conditions. Its superior performance is particularly vital in poor visibility situations such as heavy rain, dense fog, blinding sunshine and night-time driving when camera-based sensors used on other collision mitigation systems may be impaired.

The WABCO Lane Departure Warning System (OnLaneALERT™) implemented by Tata Motors help prevent unintentional lane departure, one of the most common causes of accidents involving commercial vehicles. The system utilizes a forward-looking, windshield-mounted camera to monitor and calculate the vehicle’s position within the lane. When OnLaneALERT detects the vehicle crossing lane markings without the turn signal being activated, the system sounds an audible warning. This alerts the driver to take corrective action to prevent potential collisions and lane departure related road accidents.

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