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Significance of AI enabled security systems in infrastructure space

Significance of AI enabled security systems in infrastructure space

- by Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled physical security has a significant role to play in the infrastructure space. The AI enabled security systems are loaded with features that can help the infrastructure and construction companies to enhance the safety and security quotient in their operations. The benefits weigh high despite the slow and steady growth in AI enabled security system adoption rate. The OEM, System Integrator and Consultants can do the number crunching to show how an AI enabled security solution can bring the ROI based approach to the infrastructure and construction projects.

According to the latest IHS Markit report, “The speed of development in AI has aided its adoption in several industries - including smartphones, healthcare, and automotive. Likewise, the physical security market is increasingly looking to adopt artificial intelligence applications, in particular in the case of deep learning algorithms in the video surveillance market. In fact, the deep learning enabled recorder market is forecast to account for over 30 percent of total video surveillance recorder market revenues by 2022.”

Beyond security

AI enabled security systems can play multiple conventional and non-conventional roles in the infrastructure security management of residential and commercial properties, active construction sites or large scale infrastructure projects. They can add value to the construction sites and structures with health and safety checks enabled by temperature screening at the entry gate of a construction site or infrastructure project. The first level of physical security should be backed by the Temperature Screening Metal Detector Door to ensure that the any worker, visitor or employee should not have an abnormal skin surface temperature. The Metal Detector Door will ensure the early detection of any harmful weapon brought by visitor before entering the construction site.The second level of security should be formed with the help of Temperature Screening MinMoe Facial Recognition Terminals, to keep the access control data of workers and visitors, which can be integrated with time and attendance. These critical steps can ensure compliance with health and safety guidelines while enhancing the security by many notches.

AI enabled cameras can help with people counting to ensure that threshold limit is not violated at any construction site. They can also help in detecting social distancing violation incidents at construction sites by triggering alarms. There is immense scope for AI based security and safety innovations in the infrastructure space. With the help of enabling technologies like AI, lots of safety and security applications can be developed to ensure that the health, safety and security guidelines are followed in each and every process related to the infrastructure and construction projects.

AI enabled security systems

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic situation is driving the whole world towards AI enabled security systems in the quest of a solution. India’s leading infrastructure and construction companies are eagerly looking forward to AI based security solutions to address their key concerns. There is a steep rise in demand for AI enabled security systems. We foresee a more proactive role of AI technology in infrastructure space. AI enabled technologies are revolutionising Video Security, Access Control and Crowd Flow Control Solution.

Temperature screening and mask wearing alert

We at Prama Hikvision India have a variety of AI enabled offerings to support organizations in commencing the operations of infrastructure and construction sector in the post lockdown phase. With our innovative products and solutions, companies can replace the old access control protocols and systems with new temperature screening thermographic solutions and face recognition access control solutions.

We are providing the most innovative AI enabled solutions like Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras, Temperature Screening Metal Detector with Thermal Screening Solution and Face Recognition Terminal with Temperature Screening and Mask Wearing Alert. These innovative solutions are extremely helpful in managing infrastructure projects with large number of employees and people. AI Detection function helps to reduce false alarms from other heat sources. AI algorithms can detect whether a person is wearing a mask. The system then triggers a pre-defined action if no mask is detected, such as, for example, a voice prompt or a link to an access system to deny entry. This provides a simple way to monitor the situation, or even to remind people of the rules.

Crowd density and social distancing management solution

We have AI enabled smart video technology that helps manage crowd density and maintain social distancing. Our Flow Control Solution people uses counting cameras and digital signage, which provides a dynamic on-screen display to show users how many people are entering and leaving a building or an area, and sends real-time alerts in case pre-defined capacity thresholds are exceeded. These people counting camera, utilise highly accurate 3D binocular stereo vision and Deep Learning algorithms, making complex counts easy, even in multi-door sites.

AI enabled innovations

A safe reopening process will rely heavily on effective public health strategies, including increased testing for the virus, social distancing, occupancy restrictions, and cleaning and disinfection activities. In lifting the restrictions for businesses and public areas, innovative AI enabled security solutions are helping the infrastructure and construction industry to meet the health guidelines for a safe and effective reopening.

AI is the future

AI technology is empowering people while AI enabled security solutions are showing impressive outcomes. We are heading towards a time, where AI is the future. The latest AI enabled security innovations are empowering the construction and infrastructure sector.AI enabled security solutions are adding value through an enhanced level of safety, security, efficiency and business intelligence. We at Prama Hikvision are willing to partner with Infrastructure and construction industry’s key stakeholders in providing AI enabled smart security solutions as they are getting back to business.

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