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Saint-Gobain Gyproc in association with Gujarat Government convert a Surat hospital into Covid-19 facility

Saint-Gobain Gyproc in association with Gujarat Government convert a Surat hospital into Covid-19 facility

Saint-Gobain India - GYPROC, a market leader in the building construction space since the last 30 years, played a crucial part in an initiative to convert an existing hospital premise in Majura Gate, Surat into a Covid-19 facility in order to satisfy healthcare infrastructure requirements for Surat and South Gujarat region. This was a part of the Gujarat government’s resolution to build COVID-19 facilities meeting WHO guidelines in less than three weeks, in the wake of recent surge in cases reported. “

The facility in Surat required construction of wall partitions of 52,000 sq. ft. to create divided sections in order to set up more wards, sanitation areas, pantry and essential zones, with each area offering adequate space for every patient. At the back of experience in infrastructure transformation and with expertise in technology, Gyproc led the project providing design support, material movement, installation sequence, work force planning, on-site supervision and coordination with other agencies related to the project. The mammoth project saw completion in less than three weeks, making it one of the fastest construction recorded in India. The successful transformation was made possible using Gypsum plasterboards based drywall technology that enabled speedy implementation.

The Principal consultant for Surat Hospital, Kamal Parekh, MD & CEO, Sarjan Technocrats, said, “As a consultant to the project, we faced two major challenges. First was to conceptualize and deliver the project in shortest time span possible. Hence, traditional masonry that consumes a specific curing period could not be used. The other major challenge was inadequate availability of labor to complete eight floors, as majority of migrant labors had evacuated the state. Today, it is because of the Drywalls technology that we were able to deliver 600-bed facility to Surat and South Gujarat well within 17 days. With this solution, any government or private healthcare organization can take advantage of its potential, particularly fire resistance, flexibility and workability, and deliver faster and superior healthcare facilities.”

From project delivery point, Chirag Patel, Asst Vice President – Projects of PSP constructions, shared “ It was quiet a herculean task for all of us with this project, considering the speed of construction required to meet the deadlines. Quick response time, instant material availability, on-site guidance along with the reliability and experience was one of the key criteria for us to choose Gyproc and their Drywall offering to aid the faster construction”

Commenting on the association, Sudeep Kolte, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Gyproc India, said, “We’re humbled to have been a part of an initiative that contributed towards such a critical public health situation. Makeshift changes are definitely the need of the hour. However, making these solutions effectively sustainable in the long-run is a step above in ensuring future-ready infrastructure. This project is a unique example of delivering innovative designs using green technology, like Gypsum-based drywalls, in a brief timeline, and relevant even beyond hospitals.”

As a testimony, Gypsum based drywalls technology has already found widespread acceptance amongst the private healthcare players. More than 25 private healthcare chains have already used Drywalls technology in one or more of their projects. With government driving strong healthcare infrastructure with numerous super-specialty hospitals and new AIIMS campuses across the country as a part of Pradhana Manthri Swastya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY), construction technologies such as Drywalls would only help make these facilities further accessible to the masses. Furthermore, the Government of India announced additional funding, new reforms and more healthcare targeted initiatives as a part of the Budget in 2020, in response to the pandemic-related needs.

The effectiveness of this project has inspired many other governments to consider replicating the model in more regions where growing number of cases continue to challenge healthcare infrastructure availability.

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