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Residential Real Estate: Hunt for Safer Apartments

Residential Real Estate: Hunt for Safer Apartments

by Rohit Poddar, Managing Director, Poddar Housing and Development

The Covid-19 pandemic has permanently changed habits that may affect demand for real estate. Consumers have shifted from spending high on non-essential goods and services to preserving essentials and making them last longer. Covid 19 had a significant impact on the sector bringing it to a complete halt for months. While the sector was struggling with the pause, it provided an opportunity to the home buyers as the rates hit their all-time low. Considering the ongoing demand and cheaper rates, real estate is likely to bounce back in 6 to 12 months. Various strategies to mitigate the impact focusing on cost optimization, liquidity improvement, space design, layout efficiency maximization, re-negotiations of contracts, and calibration of business operating models across. As a solution, developers are creating budget friendly properties in the suburban areas with self-sustaining Townships and Gated community to ensure that the demands are well addressed.

Having a beautiful house brimmed with all the necessary facilities is the dream of almost every one of us and we are just setting a definition. With increasing population and lack of space in the city, people prefer to move to a place which provides them with a hassle-free life. The main idea of the buyer before buying a house in the suburbs should be convenience at zero km. Especially, having a school and a hospital at zero km. New age Home buyers these days prefer to reside in an area that has everything they need for a good lifestyle, from spacious homes, schools & colleges, malls, and cinema halls - all a stone’s throw away. As walk-to-work concept gains more prominence in the densely populated cities of India, integrated townships are becoming a preferred choice for home buyers.Township living offers a higher-quality of life that is well secured. The area is clean, houses are spacious and sufficient, and you get to do what you want and live in peace.The amenities which one needs in a society where he lives include grocery shops, shopping markets, school for kids, clinic or hospital, clean water supply and provision of at least the main things.The township offers open spaces, parks, gardens and jogging track. As the townships are specially designed to offer better living, these areas have a good liveability potential. The townships are the self-managed and self-governed areas. From the residential to retail, recreational and commercial, all the areas are well planned and designed as per their requirement. The air, noise and water pollution in these areas is bare minimum if compared to the urban cities. There are proper garbage and waste disposal systems, rainwater harvesting and water resource management systems in the area.

Typically, a gated community is a set-up that offers a cohesive social life coupled with quality residential experience. It encompasses various independent residential properties enclosed within a boundary. The facilities offered are dependent on the size of the community. Bigger communities encompass all the facilities important for daily sustenance varying from grocery stores, commercial shops, entertainment areas, play areas, parks, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, to spa centres and community hall. On the contrary, services in small gated communities may restrict to parks and other shared spaces such as small shops.Gated communities are characterised by a heightened security system that encompasses strictly monitored entrances, CCTV’s, and intercoms to keep a thorough check on all pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles entering and leaving the society. Additionally, security guards are also deployed, ensuring proper record-keeping of all entrants in the community. This relieves residents from the stress of theft and vandals and keeps their family secured and protected.Gated communities are replete with infrastructure and amenities that add to the comfort and quality of living.

Fighting the pandemic have made people realise that staying in safer apartments with all facilities within the reach will be very effective & efficient in the long run.



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