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Panchshil Towers Introduces The Bath Pods – India’s first prefabricated Bathrooms for Developers

Panchshil Towers Introduces The Bath Pods – India’s first prefabricated Bathrooms for Developers

Panchshil Towers, Kharadi, a premium and luxury residences segment of Indian Real Estate has become the first ever realty project to introduce the innovative Bath Pods technology in India. The Bath Pods, as they are named, are state-of-the-art, near-ready bathroom pods, built using an assembly line process, off-site and then placed directly in the apartments. 

Mr. Atul Chordia, Chairman of Panchshil Realty said, “With the Bath Pods, we are looking at transforming the scale construction of Bathrooms and Washrooms for medium and large-scale premium projects. This technique will significantly reduce construction timelines for all developers.”

Bathroom Pods are prefabricated entirely off-site in a separate facility, and then transported to and fitted into the designated area. Bath Pods also facilitate easy MEP installation. Also not only are they easy to transport and install but also ensure high-level of finish and sophisticated bathroom and washroom interiors.  

“At Panchshil Realty, our motto has always been to use the latest cutting-edge construction practices. We are looking at pioneering several such innovations in India through our projects. The Bath Pods is one such innovation which involves the fabrication of best-in-class bathrooms using the latest and best in methodology, techniques and material” added Mr. Chordia.

The Bath Pods offers many conveniences such as less site management and trade co-ordination, reduced noise pollution on site and vastly reduced storage areas required on site. As they are built in a separate facility, construction delays owed to weather or other circumstances are vastly reduced. Time of installation is significantly reduced as all the services come connected to the pod. A streamlined project management using engineering teams under factory-like conditions ensures quality and higher standards of finish due.

What are Bath Pods?

A bathroom pod is a 3 dimensional self-supporting element of structure that is prefabricated off-site and comprises of a floor base frame, all walls and a ceiling/roof. It is delivered to the site, complete with all architectural fittings and fixtures.

All plumbing and electrical services are pre-installed and fully tested. When installed and integrated within the building, the bathroom pod forms an integral part of the room/apartment that it is required to serve.

The 80-member Bath Pod unit has expertise for turnkey solutions right from designing, engineering, procurement and commissioning. There is stringent control on quality and every aspect right from Waterproofing, Tiling, Service pipe pressure tests; Bathroom leak tests and Electrical continuity testing undergoes routine and detailed quality inspection.

Once at their final position, hook-up connections are made using flexible connections to the already provided source-points on the dry wall exterior of the units.  This is a quick and easy process which involves plugging of electricity and water connections and the bathroom is then fully fixed and operational. An entire Bath Pod unit takes barely one to two weeks depending on the order size and pace of construction. The Panchshil facility in Kharadi, has a capability of putting together 5000 fully-built bathrooms at full capacity, while the assembly line process guarantees consistent quality and uniform results over time and scale.

The 2.5 acre facility encompasses an end-to-end assembly right from form-work, water-proofing, steel-framing, fixtures, all the way till cleaning and inspection. The near-finished units are then sky-lifted directly onto the specific floor plates of the building or transported out on trailers for ship-out.

Pioneering the highest global standards the Bath Pod team is looking to transform construction excellence in premium real estate. 



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