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Outlook 2021 - Indian power sector

Outlook 2021 - Indian power sector

by Anil Chaudhry, CEO Schneider Electric India 

Despite the headwinds faced by the Indian power sector, the country took several progressive strides to fight the pandemic - one such step is the accelerated adoption of technology. Companies need to embrace technological innovation as it will play a pivotal role in the recovery of the sector and drive it in the future. While businesses strive to recover to achieve scalability and business growth, it is also important to focus on the effective management of available resources. We believe that Digitalisation will play a huge part in transforming energy systems by increasing the recovery of resources and reducing the cost of supply.

As we fight the pandemic, we must also continue the efforts towards creating a sustainable future by addressing glaring environmental, social and economic issues such as climate change, access to energy, unemployment etc. This pandemic has impacted the clean energy transition in India considerably. Digitisation of energy will be an enabler in this transition owing to its ability to maintain the security of supply, boost system flexibility, and prepare for potential threats, thereby ensuring energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves for a technology-led transformation in a post-pandemic world.

Furthermore, apart from ensuring business continuity with technology, companies must also continue the strong focus on their employees and make continuous efforts towards their well-being and holistic growth. It goes without saying that, a company’s success is driven by its employees and as such it is imperative to make them feel uniquely valued, and safe to contribute their best. At Schneider Electric, we are committed to become an agent of change and build a better world where diversity, inclusion, equity are the core of what we do.



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