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Nuberg EPC successfully executed TPD Chlor- Alkali Plant in Egypt during Pandemic

Nuberg EPC successfully executed 228 TPD Chlor-Alkali Plant in Egypt during Pandemic

Nuberg EPC has successfully executed 228 TPD Chlor- Alkali Plant for Egyptian Petrochemicals Company. The execution had to overcome 5 months of Covid-19 lockdown (20 March to 22 August 2020) in Egypt and additional air travel restrictions by the Egyptian government resulting in the demobilization of engineers to India. This success is an impressive example of the Indian Government’s ‘Make in India and Make for the World’ initiative.

Nuberg EPC executed the USD 27million Caustic Soda Plant project as a single-point solution company, from concept to commissioning, on EPC & LSTK basis in Alexandria, Egypt. Based on the latest new generation bipolar membrane cell technology (BICHLOR), the plant has a capacity of 228 TPD expandable up to 342 TPD in the future. The plant produces caustic soda, chlorine, and other chlorine derivatives such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid. 

On setting the global EPC benchmark for pandemic execution, A K Tyagi, MD, Nuberg Engineering commented "We are thankful for the support provided by the Indian and Egyptian embassies in Cairo. The Indian Government’s help in allowing air travel for our engineers in pandemic conditions is deeply appreciated. Nuberg EPC immediately hired a special chartered flight for a team of our committed and expert engineers to deliver the project within the stipulated parameters and timelines.”

He added, “Our benchmark plant execution in Alexandria will strengthen our position as the world’s leading Chlor- Alkali EPC & LSTK organization. Our R&D investments in Sweden and captive manufacturing plant in Gujarat enabled us to innovate on multiple fronts to deliver the plant during the pandemic.”

Nuberg EPC's area of services for Egyptian Petrochemicals Company (EPC) at its site in Alexandria included supply, installation, commissioning, and start-up for Caustic Soda plant as a turnkey project. Artificial fiber, bleaching woven tissues, oil & gas, detergents, chemicals, and petrochemicals are some of the industries where caustic soda is utilized. Caustic Soda produced in the plant will be offered mostly to the markets of the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The chlorine produced shall be used as a raw material in the existing EDC/VCM plant for PVC production.




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