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Need for developers to invest in innovative technologies - Shridhar Rao, Sales Head India, Elematic India

Need for developers to invest in innovative technologies - Shridhar Rao, Sales Head India, Elematic India

The prevailing conditions will improve as government is bidding for high investment in housing sector growth

In your views share with us your assessment, the year offered for CE segment. 
The industry is facing some tough time due to ongoing economic environment. The reduced flow of money has impacted construction equipment companies. However, we hope that prevailing conditions will improve as government is bidding for high investment in housing sector growth, we foresee an encouraging future in 2020.  Elematic is well equipped with the best of technology, services and people and we look forward to serve our customers and prospects with the best in the Precast Technology. We are market leaders and intend to maintain that in the long run. We estimated that year on year, the number of precast plants has been increasing and they are doing a decent number of projects in varied types of buildings, along with new designs and in new geographies. We believe that in the next five years, adoption of precast will increase dramatically. The total market for concrete precast products is likely to continue on its relatively strong path of growth in the short to medium term. In the medium-term, annual growth rates of 7-11 per cent are forecast to 2019. Our vision is to have about 75 plants in India in the next 4-5 years.

Give us an assessment on the demand-supply scenario. How much has the situation improved in regards to clearing of the stock-loads? 
The demand and supply depends upon the policy what government is offering, the budget for this fiscal year is for strengthening the housing sector and projected healthy growth. Meanwhile the definition of the affordable housing too was changed for both metro and non-metro cities this will further increase demand in affordable segment. There is a need for developers to invest in innovative technologies like precast. With reference to government funded project the first requirement for tenders to be based on technology rather than leaving them technology neutral. We think pre-qualification criteria need to be relaxed to promote new technologies. As our machinery is tailor made to projects, we do not carry excess stocks

Which will be the major demand puller for the sector in the year 2020?
Government intervention and support in adopting technologies shall play a key role in bringing Precast technology into the mainstream. We now know that without technology there is no way to complete the ambitious projects Government has kept a vision on. The government plans that will catapult India to the next league are smart cities-98 to 100 , affordable houses target of 20 million by 2022, development of basic Infrastructure planned in a big way in next 5 years. These targets can be achieved only by use of advanced construction technology like precast. The sectors expected to contribute more are affordable housing, infra development and utility buildings such as hospitals, hotels etc.

Tell us about your recent tech-upgrades and new product launches?
We have achieved many milestones in last 60 years and determined to lead innovations in precast industry and to provide its customers with unique, smart & efficient solutions. This year we have launched the all-new Elematic Extruder E9-2019 - the best-in-the-industry extruders. Representing the 5th generation of Elematic Extruders, the machine sets a new benchmark for high-speed casting in hollow-core slab production with low production costs. Equipped with an advanced touch screen user interface, added intelligence and a smart concrete recycling option, the new Extruder will also offer a new kind of modern user experience and significant material savings. With the new launch, Elematic Extruder family now consists of three different models: S5, P7 and the new E9. The new fully-automated Elematic EDGE wall line optimizes the whole precast wall production from building design all the way to the construction site. The line features advanced software, modern table circulation and state-of-the art production machinery, and its automated functions cover planning, monitoring and controlling the production process. This year we also introduced the Wall MES system which is a part of Elematic’s new, advanced Plant Control solution for precast production. The Wall MES part of Plant Control will cover automatic production planning, work follow-up and quality control of precast wall production. The system can also take panel design information in directly from BIM systems such as Tekla Structures. Elematic Wall MES optimizes the panel production and gives a variety of tools for planning and monitoring. The main objective of the manufacturing execution system is to achieve smooth, continuous production and low operational costs as well as ensure high quality of precast wall panels

What are your expectations from Excon 2019 and the opportunities brought along with it? Are you planning any product launches?   What will be your strategy of display in Excon 2019?
Elematic is the leading precast technology company having presence across the globe. In India, we are in operation for more than 10 years now and have participated in every edition of Excon, the market place for construction equipment industry. Being visible and showcasing innovation in such shows is important for Elematic. Elematic’s core business is Precast Technology – Machinery and services that help construct precast buildings. Our core customers are builders and contractors. 

This year in Excon we are promoting Acotec Partition walls which are an ideal replacement for Concrete Blocks and Bricks.  Acotec is a fast and profitable production technology for light, non-load bearing, room-high partition wall panels, Acotec panels. The line covers the entire production process from concrete batching all the way to storage yard. High Production of Partition walls at a competitive Capex and Green concrete Product are the advantages of Acotec production. 
We are also showcasing the New Elematic E9 Extruder machine that has casting speeds 50% higher than the traditional machines. Cold shutter Battery moulds which offers higher productivity. Circulation Lines with special units or double wall elements and special elements production. KVT SEMI – Mobile wall and slab production line that is an easy startup of precast production with a low investment. Economy of KVT line is based on small space requirement in a production hall, possibility to make fast changes in everyday production. USP of this line is you don’t need separate compacting and tilting equipment. All these actions performed by single KVT line.

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