Multiple Marvel: Mixed Development Buildings

Multiple Marvel: Mixed Development Buildings

Are you tired of tackling with the home maintenance burdens along with investing a great deal of time running errands to reach your works zone? With the embryonic trend of urban development, a new and enhanced way of city living is definitely in the making. Catering to all younger generations of the metropolitan areas of the city this new futuristic trend is sure to make Mumbai a better place to live in. The various demographic changes that drive the modern development plans have surely generated the need for mixed-use models of contemporary design.  The progress of these buildings with proper growth and development will enhance the density in the downtown areas, generate more multiplicity among its residents transforming them into more self-motivated, environmentally-conscious and interconnected people. These mixed-use projects are sure to attract the set of people who are looking to get rid of the constant juggling between home and workspace.  

Mixed-use developments are nothing but buildings that feature a combination of office space, retail outlets, hotels and condominiums and housing spaces. The modern day tenants wish to live, work, entertain and socialize in one urban location without taking much efforts to commute. To cater to these demands, there has been an upsurge in the number of such projects that offer residential, commercial and retail outlets all under one roof making living in cosmopolitan cities and dealing with the buzzling city life, almost a cakewalk. With urban boons like these the future will mark a considerable increase in the percentage of individuals who will prefer modern-day housing over the traditional suburban and bucolic life. In the coming years, the city is going to witness an advent of new commercial office spaces and residential developments, thereby pushing the envelope further for the emergence of the mixed-use development trend.

Below mentioned are a few trends that indicate towards a bright future for urban development in the city. Following these trends will ensure city dwellers to enjoy the impetus and the upcoming profitable opportunities of urban development.

Focus of building green and sustainable multi-use developments – To start with, sustainability is the need of the hour. With great awareness on green buildings, developers and builders must adopt eco-friendly methods during the development process. This can be achieved by making use of sustainable materials in construction, integrating conservation of water and appropriate utilization of landscaping to name a few.

Great Density: The ever-increasing demand for city life calls for need for development to offer more density. The modern mixed-use structures are sure to diminish the feel of large colossal structures through the incorporation of changing building heights, altering elevations and exteriors and also reduces the unappealing parking structures. This is sure to offer positive modern dynamics, profitable public services, and a pulsating neighbourhood.

Well-quipped with public spaces and amenities: The mix-used projects offer tenant’s a quality living when the developers and builders make the best of the public spaces and facilities available. By incorporating manicured gardens, jogging tracks, comfortable seating areas, exciting water features, spa, proper lighting, growth of green foliage, state-of-the-art gymnasiums, pet parks and other desirable facilities all under one roof, is sure to make living more interactive and vibrant. The benefits are limitless for example an employee who is tired after a long day at work can experience a relaxing spa which is just next door. He does not have to commute long distances, a fitness enthusiast who regularly travels miles to workout can hit the gym which is just in the neighbourhood. Your morning walks will no more be tiresome, you don’t have to worry about getting ready and running to office since your workplace is just next door. This is sure to add to the happiness and comfort of the residents.

Incorporating Entertainment and Hospitality Opportunities: Combining entertainment facilities like theatres and amphitheatres with mixed-used development is definitely going to appeal to residents and tenants. They will serve as destinations where they can meet, intermingle and connect all under one roof. Along with contributing to creating social interest in these areas, these facilities will also drive a farfetched traffic to these areas. Also by housing dining options like restaurants, hotels, cafes and micro-brewery will offer both residents and tenants with a variety and convenience of eating just at the doorstep.

Transforming them into retail hubs: Mixed-use developments which will come attached with retail outlets like shopping centres, lifestyle boutiques, grocery’s and super markets will attract the younger and affluent crowds. Along with fulfilling the lifestyle requirements, these will add to an overall charm of the property.

Global Advent

Global civilisation and urbanisation is already witnessing a colossal shift towards this transition. Going by reports and statistical data it has been reported that Scottsdale Waterfront, is a flourishing mixed-use development project located in Scottsdale, AZ. It features a property that consists 2 thirteen-storied condominium towers named Waterfront Residences, which is linked by contiguous commercial spaces, eateries and retail outlets.  Designed by Opus West, this establishment produces the seamless live, work and play environment all under one roof, lending a luxurious feel to the residents and inhabitants alike. The best known projects like The Domain in Austin (Texas), Texas Watters Creek in Dallas, and Memorial City in Houston, offer a mix of retail, commercial, medical, living spaces and parking facilities. Namba Park is a commercial district adjacent to Namba Train Station in Japan. The thirty-storied tower features an office space coupled with a rooftop park and also serves as a retail, dining and entertainment space.

Developers and builders who plan to create a novel urbanized climate, should consider demographic shifts, advancement in technology and sustainable practices in order to address our current and future requirements. These settlements offer a perfect melange of live, work and play environment. Inhabitants and patrons are granted the opportunity to get a feel of ultimate extravagance and comfort all within a short walk. The modern day resident longs for a connection to their neighbourhood and mixed-use developments are providing the right kind of solution.


Article by Vipul Shah, Managing Director, Parinee Group

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