Lysaght: Efficient Green Building Solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel

Lysaght: Efficient Green Building Solutions from Tata BlueScope Steel

Products offered under Lysaght brand use best-in-class paint system and are manufactured from precision engineered equipments resulting into overall cost savings Ajay Rattan - General Manager- Sales and Marketing (Lysaght)

What is your view on Sustainable Building Material?

Every building has some direct and indirect impact on the environment. Buildings use raw materials, generate waste, and discharge harmful atmospheric emissions. These facts have prompted the need to use sustainable/green building materials to mitigate the impact on the environment. A sustainable building material should be one that can be reused and recycled, the most commonly used sustainable building material in the construction industry today is steel.

What is your outlook on Green Buildings?

Typical conventional buildings tend to generate large amounts of waste during its construction and operation. Green buildings on the other hand seek to use land and energy efficiently. Every green field project or brown field project could incline towards becoming a green building/sustainable building in two steps, firstly by using sustainable building materials like steel, geo synthetics etc. secondly by using energy efficient technologies. In this regard, we have been able to provide sustainable solutions, especially in the infrastructure and industrial sector by supplying Lysaght brand’s metallic coated and colour coated roofing and wall cladding sheets. In fact, one of our international projects The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has been nominated as the first convention centre in the world to have achieved a 6 Green Star rating in 2008. This recognition was accredited by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) established in 2002, with an objective to develop a sustainable property industry in Australia and drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions. The entire roofing solution at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre; was provided with Lysaght Klip-Lok 700 made of Colourbond Steel (with Thermatech technology).

Please discuss the various measures to save energy in buildings.

Some ways to save energy in buildings could be by using non-conventional building materials like steel sheets for roofing, polycarbonate sheets for day lighting etc. Also composite materials like sandwich panels for roofing and walling application can be used. Construction technologies like pre-engineered buildings can also help. Products like Thermatech technology (from Tata BlueScope Steel) in metal roofing system can be adopted for metal roofing. Lysaght profiles made of Colourbond steel with Thermatech, is a solar reflectance technology that does not affect the appearance/aesthetics of the roof. It lowers surface temperature by absorbing lesser heat from the sun. In other words, Colorbond steel with Thermatech technology is able to reflect more solar heat, thereby keeping both roofs and buildings cooler inside. Reduced heat stress also means greater durability for entire roofing systems and superior ROI. Thus, Thermatech solar reflectance technology ensures cool comfort, while reducing energy cost.

Please tell us about your eco friendly features of Lysaght measures observed by the company.

Tata BlueScope Steel under its flagship Lysaght brand has been providing superior green building products to the Indian construction industry. Some of the green features of the Lysaght range of products are lead free paint that enables the efficient usage of rain water system, 100% recyclable products therefore reducing usage of natural resources, Our profiles have high SRI values providing better indoor comfort, Long Spans of sheets allowing overall reduction in wastage and usage of purlins. 

What are the Major challenges faced by Indian green building Movement? Could you please suggest few solutions?

Some perceptions that are slowing down the Indian green building movement are that buildings made from concrete are stronger and durable, green buildings use new technology thereby making them costly, conventional buildings cannot be converted into green buildings and the alike. The above concerns are being addressed by Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd through some of its offerings like Buildings made by using Lysaght Smartdek 51, an innovative high strength zinc-coated structural decking system profile with CEE-Plus™ & ZED-Plus™ purlins are equally strong and durable with added advantages like design flexibility and faster construction, Products offered under Lysaght brand use best-in-class paint system and are manufactured from precision engineered equipments resulting into overall cost savings, Retrofitting jobs involving reroofing of complete premises has been successfully carried out in numerous projects using profiles like Klip-Lok 700.

How to introduce ‘sustainable building models’ in today’s metros considering the resource shortages?

Lysaght brand has introduced ready-to-use kind of products like Smartdek 51 decking system, which is beneficial for casting of multiple slabs together, use of CEE-Plus™ & ZED-Plus™ purlins against conventional “angle sections”, use of Thermatech embedded technology in roofing and wall cladding sheets like Trimdek 1015, BR-II 900 etc. One of the primary aims of Tata BlueScope Steel is to facilitate the creation of a sustainable building model in commercial and infrastructure projects. And the usage these products will help in achieving that objective.




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