L&T unveils 3 new machines for Road Construction at Excon 2017

L&T unveils 3 new machines for Road Construction at Excon 2017

As part of the ambitious 'Make in India' campaign, the engineering giant Larsen & Toubro Limited has proudly launched 3 new machines in the road construction segment at Excon 2017. All these machines have been developed inhouse by L&T at its Product Development Centre in Coimbatore and manufactured by L&T Construction Equipment Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T. The models were unveiled at L&T Pavilion in the outdoor area in Excon 2017 by key customers. Senior members of the management led by Arvind K Garg, Executive Vice-President & Head, Construction & Mining Machinery, L&T were present on the occasion. 

Hydraulic Paver

Hydraulic Paver L&T 5590H is a machine used for paving predominantly bitumen on the road surface. This machine is indigenously designed by Larsen & Toubro and will help Road Contractors to achieve higher productivity in the road construction.  The machine is capable of paving up to 5.5 m. It is completely hydraulic-hopper, conveyer and the auger are all hydraulically driven. The travel is by hydraulic motors. The machine is powered by  4-cylinder Ashok Leyland water-cooled  Diesel engine with an inline fuel pump. All the machine controls can be operated from the operator console itself. There is a slideable and rotatable operator console which gives the operator the required edge visibility. The screed heating option is through LPG cylinders. The screed can be hydraulically extended from 2.5 m onwards to 4.5 m, beyond which 0.5 m mechanical extensions on other side can extend it to5.5 m. The machine is also capable of handling material like dry lean concrete, wet mix macadam and dense bituminous macadam. It can lay thickness ranging from 10 mm to 200 mm. This cost-effective machine will help the road contractors to a considerable extent.

Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loader S315R is a versatile machine which can be fitted a wide variety of attachments. The machine has been indigenously designed and uses the state-of the-art components. The 3.5 tonne machine has a payload of 1.5 tonnes. The machine has a distinct feature of turning on the spot and is very popular in applications where there is space constraint. The machine is extremely operator friendly and is fitted with ROPS / FOPS Cabin. The machine is offered with a standard loader bucket of 0.5 cum capacity and has a quick coupler mechanism to quickly change the attachment. The filters are all accessible from the ground level on opening the  rear door. The machine has hydraulic joy stick control for ease of operation. The visibility is further enhanced by having a glass top cut-out on the roof of the operator cabin. The safety system of the machine ensures that the machine starts only after the operator is in the seat and the safety bar is engaged. The Skid Steer Loader can load the popular hauling 10 Tonne dump trucks, LCVs and tractor trolleys. The machine is versatile and will add to the productivity enhancement at sites.

Pneumatic Tyred Roller

Pneumatic Tyred Roller L&T 2490HD is a machine used for the sealing of topmost bituminous layer. The sealing ensures that no water seepage takes place into the road. The drive quality also improves with the use of the Pneumatic TyredRoller. The machine has a unladen weight of 12.5 Tonnes which can be ballasted to get the maximum weight of 24 Tonnes.The ballast can be achieved by using concrete debris or steel scrap. The machine is built with a 4-front and 4-rear combination. The front wheels are directly driven byhydraulic motors. The steering system is optimized to ensure that the machine steering leaves no scuffing on the surface. The machine will enhance the ride quality on roads where ithas beendeployed. With the launch of these new models, L&T now offers the complete range of equipment for the Road Construction segment. L&T’s offerings  include L&T 1190 Soil Compactor, L&T 990HF Tandem Compactor and L&T 491 Mini Compactor which have been well accepted by the customers.


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